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Play at Sadler’s Wells family friendly weekend

We took our little Londoner along to the show 'Play' at Sadler's Wells family friendly weekend and we were all very much surprised at how engaged and delighted he was with the whole thing.

This weekend (Friday 19 & Saturday 20th April 2019) Sadler’s Wells theatre has been transformed into a magical space for children and families with an array of free fun, games, crafts and activities taking place before and after the premier of their show ‘Play’.

We took our little Londoner along to the show and we were all very much moved and surprised at how engaged and delighted he was with the whole thing.

Play, explores themes of freedom and fun through a poetic universe of childhood memories. It is made up of short pieces that use puppets, projections, balloons and fantastical costumes all matched to different types of music (from classical to electronic and beyond).

We arrived a little early so that two year old Milo could explore the play space and activities before the show. The activities and play space had been well thought out, for example having the inflated swans in the play space and and then also reflected within the show (something Milo delighted in remembering and pointing out). There was also lots to do, from screen printing, teepee making, other crafts, colouring in and games there was enough to keep everyone occupied. Even very little (and highly active) Londoners.

Before long the bell rang to let us know the show was due to start. As we got into our seats and awaited the performance to commence, Milo was already getting restless and wanting to toddle around the theatre. It was at this point that both myself and partner exchanged knowing glances and promises that should he get too restless we would have to leave (it has happened before – and the show is advertised as primarily catering to ages 4 and above).

Luckily as soon as the show started Milo was mesmerised. The combination of projections, dance, music and the interesting costumes kept him entertained. However what was even more delightful for us as parents is that the show is equally enjoyable for adults.

The multi award-winning company, Aracaladanza, has won many awards for child friendly shows and you can certainly see why – the creative production was uplifting, heartwarming and nostalgic and a great way to start the Easter Bank Holiday weekend.

How much: £18 for adults and children £12 Ticket Office: 020 7863 8000 or visit the website