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Colourscape: a festival of colour and music

The Young Londoner team escape the mundane with a magical day out at Colourscape in Clapham Common.

Colourscape is a music festival inside an art installation filled with colour and strange acoustics. A labyrinth made of inflatable tunnels filled with colours and strange sounds. It was an imaginative way to spend a couple of hours and an amazing experience to share with our little people.

On the day of our visit there was little to no music as we went mid-week but we were still enthralled with the whole vibe of the place. We arrived at the pop-up and despite the website (and various people on social media) saying it would be packed, we were first in the queue. Shoes off, colour cape on and we are ready to head in. A small opening inside the colour tunnels allow you to enter, kind of like an opening into another dimension, an alternative world filled with bright colours. The toddler wasn’t quite sure. But with a little encouragement from his friend he took step into the unknown and suddenly we are transported from a sunny autumn day in Clapham Common to a land filled with magical colours and noises.

The toddlers tumbled, twirled and pirouetted around the place, giggling at the echoes their voices made. The colours are intense and work with the natural light, it makes for great photographs and we bathed in light and tried to imagine what the place may feel like when it is filled with music and sounds. 

The experience is trippy. A Hunter S Thomspon acid dream like experience where at points I genuinely had to check behind me to see who was there (the acoustics are very strange and fun to play with).

The hour passed very quickly and we were relieved to be back into the fresh air (it does get very hot inside the Colourscape, especially with the capes on!) Colourscape is on in Clapham until Sunday 22nd of September. Although they do pop up quite regularly. Go experience it for yourself, there’s nothing quite like it. More info on Colourscapes, costs and music here.

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