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The Young Londoner visits Prezzo

If there’s one type of food (that as a family) we had to eat for the rest of our lives - Italian would be the winner. Tomatoes are a favourite staple in this household and we are big lovers of fish (although the toddler prefers spaghetti and pizza). Our recent visit to Prezzo confirmed that Italian food is perfect for young Londoners.

On a dreary winter afternoon when the sky is grey, the wind is howling and public transport feels like a version of Dante’s Inferno, we stopped by Prezzo. The fact that Montepulciano is their house red had a little to do with it. But also because we had been invited along to sample the menu with the youngest member of the team; our three year old Londoner.

The toddler’s favourite is Pizza. In particular Margherita which is, after all, fit for a queen given it was named after Queen Margherita when the first pizza pie was created in 1889. It sure has made a lot of people very happy since then and this thin crust version of toddler heaven was about to make our hungry toddler very happy as we sat in High Street Kensington’s Prezzo branch. 

For £6.95 your hungry offspring can indulge in a three course meal at Prezzo. So we decided to go with this option and picked the garlic dough dippers for starters (also go very well with the aforementioned wine, should he need reinforcements). For the main he opted for Pizza and for desert, ice cream. Bear in mind that the portion sizes are very generous and we ended up taking a doggy bag with half the pizza to finish at home.

For the adults we ordered the calamari with a basic pesto mayo dip and king prawns in a spicy tomato sauce to share as a starter. Both were delightful and the toddler’s garlic bread came in handy to dip into the spicy tomato sauce accompanying the prawns. This was a messy activity that he enjoyed at length and then licked his fingers as a seal of approval.

As for mains, the husband played it safe with spag bol in a red wine sauce and he was pretty impressed (as was our toddler who sampled a few mouthfuls). 

I went for the sea bass option with various veg and pesto which was satisfying and surprisingly filling. Given we were all so full, we decided to skip on adults desert and instead shared the toddler’s vanilla ice cream (which was included in his £6.95 meal deal).  

Prezzo is one of those reliable restaurants that you know will deliver. On evenings when you fancy a meal out for the whole family or a pre theatre munch or for lunches after shopping trips or visiting museums, it’s Prezzo that you go for. Can’t really go wrong with Italian food to be fair. You know what to expect, a good hearty meal suitable for the whole family; vegetarians, toddlers and dieting teenagers included!

Prezzo often has kids eat for £1 offers (especially during the school holidays). For more info or to book a table at your nearest restaurant visit their website here.