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Zookeepers at ZSL London Zoo arrange Easter egg hunt for meerkats

Eggciting pics shared by ZSL London Zoo show how behind its closed gates zookeepers are still celebrating Easter – with an egg hunt for the meerkat mob.

Painting fresh eggs in eye-catching colours, dedicated keepers – who are still working to look after the Zoo’s animals – hid the tasty treats for Frank, Dracula, Archie, Penelope, Timon, Aurora and Meko to find amongst the sand and rocks in their home. 

“Meerkats will sometimes come across eggs in the wild, which they see as a rare treat – with Easter approaching, and the mob missing the extra attention they’d usually get this time of year from our visitors, it’s the perfect time to put on an egg hunt for them to enjoy,” explained ZSL keeper Tom Lawrance.  

“There were plenty to go round but that didn’t stop a few of our residents getting protective over their eggy hoard, hiding them from each other and burying them to save for later – something that may sound familiar to other households this weekend!” 

ZSL London Zoo is calling on the public for support to help care for its 18,000 animals – from majestic lions to tiny frogs – while the zoo is closed to visitors. To find out more and help the charity to weather the storm head to