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Love Yourself: food delivery service review

Love Yourself is the new food delivery brand on the block. They deliver nutritious and balanced food straight to your door. Using only the freshest, finest, and seasonal ingredients.

The Young Londoner tried the Love Yourself food delivery brand. The concept sounds ideal – all the meals you could wish for delivered straight to your door saving shopping and meal planning and cooking time. It is an ideal option for busy families looking to eat healthy food without having to put in much effort.

Love Yourself offer a range of menus from gluten free, dairy free, halal, balanced, performance, keto and many more. You’ll never be stuck for choice. As a family we tend to eat very little to no red meat and over the summer friends convinced us to try the Keto diet and something that Love Yourself do well is a Veto Diet menu where you can have vegetarian Keto food delivered straight to your door.

We decided to go for the balanced option though as Keto didn’t work out for us as a family. The first thing to mention is that the meals did not look like the professionally photographed options above. Aesthetics aside the food was mostly good on the three days that we trialed the service with plenty of options (freshly made soups, salads, curries and more.) The services also pushes you to trial out new food and recipes that you may not otherwise think of (fish for breakfast, cold beetroot soup etc)

Their menus all sync with the MyFitness App, meaning you can keep track of all the calories and build towards your fitness or weightloss goals. If anything we found that the service was very plentiful and we had some bits left over after our trial.

The meals are delivered daily, cooked fresh. Just reheat in the oven or microwave and experience the freshest and tastiest food around. All their food is locally sourced and seasonal.

The delivery worked very well, although they don’t provide a fixed time but a time window from ca. 6:30 to 10 pm. Some days it was very close to 10pm but as a young family we are busy sorting the house out at that time and preparing ahead for the next day. Appreciate this may be different outside of Covid times when we may be out doing things but nothing that communication and clear instructions to your driver/delivery person can’t sort.

It is a great way to eat healthy without too much fuss. A spring clean for the system minus the cooking time, research and shopping. We were also really pleased to see that the packaging is all biodegradable and kinder to the environment compared to some of the other food delivery services out there.

In terms of cost the Love Yourself service is cheaper (and healthier) than dining out but slightly more expensive than cooking yourself. The range of menus start at around £15 per day and this includes 3 meals and 2 snacks. Visit to find out more.

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