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Dinosaurs are coming to West London this Easter 2022

Dino Kingdom is coming to Gunnersbury Park this Easter break and you're all invited to this prehistoric party!

This epic outdoor exploration is bound to be a hit with your dino fans (and their families) with over 100 items in the collection including life-size animatronic dinosaurs and other creatures, AR, Holographic and 3D mapping digital installations and more.

Be prepared to be transported back in time for an unforgettable, interactive, thrilling family adventure.
Waiting to greet you will be the ‘King of the Tyrant Lizards’ and the most famous dinosaur of them all – Tyrannosaurus Rex, standing 16 metres from head to tail, and not to mention the biggest installation, the Apatosaurus, towering above the Kingdom at 18 metres long! 

There will also be smaller dinosaurs to seek, including hatching babies and other interactive beastly beings amongst the woodland, including crocodiles, frogs, bees, spiders and much more! It is a great opportunity to explore the outdoors, enjoy the sunny weather and let your imagination run wild as you trek through the prehistoric kingdom. There are also plenty of hands-on educational moments, perfect for those budding palaeontologists out there, with an excavation sandpit, dinosaur eggs, fossils, volcanoes, a giant dinosaur skeleton head and a walk-through fossil tunnel!

Dino Kingdom is on at Gunnersbury Park from 1st of April until the 18th and tickets are from £14 for adults and £10 for kids, more info and bookings here.

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