Getting some Byron Brrgrrr

A Young Londonist visits Byron Burger to sample their new B-Rex Burger and is very impressed with the food and the staff at High Street Kensington branch.

After a walk through Holland Park and some adventures in the playground we were all famished. Mummy, daddy and me.

Byron Burger perching on the corner of High Street Kensington and beckoning us in with promises of milkshakes and burgers, sweet potato fries and all things nice.

Sure we had been on a health kick since January (mummy’s idea) and we wouldn’t indulge everyday of the week (in fact for me it was the first proper burger I had ever tasted – unless I count the beet burgers mum made me this summer).

It was a Friday after all and so in we went into this burger emporium.I felt like a kid in a candy shop. A toddler in a burger joint. First off I’m seated at a table where I can see the street – I love gazing at the traffic and letting daddy know everytime a bus goes past.

‘Bus!’ I would shout, in a staccato crescendo in between my Pollok inspired colouring of the dinosaur themed paper. My Dad is a sombre man and frankly he seemed less delighted as each red London bus went past making a face akin to pain upon me hearing declare its arrival. He rejoyced when the craft Byron Beer arrived and they clinked aluminium with glass (mummy is having a cocktail with chilly) and for me it is water. Fizzy water!

In no time the food arrives. B-Rex for mummy (burger with american melty cheese, bacon, a sauce that is beyond words and jalapenos) and I’m allowed a bite. Wow – I am delighted at this amazing tasting patty. Daddy even says something about it being the best burger he has ever tried – and he looks like he’s eaten a few burgers in his time.

Second up is a cluckasaurus – the chicken version of mumma’s burger – and this too is delightful and best enjoyed with a side of sweet potato fries. Yum yum I wish I could eat this everyday.

Some children are celebrating a party close to our table and another family are also indulging. I hope we come back again soon as this has been a real treat.

But wait there is more. Mummy and daddy are making a freakshake. Milkshake with an ice cream oreo which they have topped up with chocolate brownies (in miniature versions) hundreds and thousands and milk bottles. I would come here for a freakshake alone – these things are beasts in themselves and they are more like an ice-cream treat than a milkshake. Creamy, sweet and topped with anything and everything.

My belly feels like it’s about to pop. I am full. I am a satisfied customer. I shall be returning to Byron very soon – in fact their half term menu is dinosaur themed and I love me a dinosaur.

Byron Burger is located at 222 High Street Kensington in the Art Deco building overlooking Holland Park. You can’t miss it – I am certainly returning.  

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