About Us

The Young Londoner is all about being a young person in London. Whether you’re a millennial mummy, a school leaver or a teenager we provide everything you need to know about the capital.

From family friendly events and reviews, to London venues and news items, we’re here to keep you in the know of everything going on in London. We give you insight and ideas into exhibitions, shows, cafes, soft plays, days out, freebie activities and much more.

We aim to keep young minds occupied and nourished and wish to bring to your attention the best that our wonderful metropolis has to offer – from the bizarre to the brilliant, from the surprising to the splendid and everything in-between. Join us in exploring London for young ones.

The Young Londoner is created by a small team of passionate Londoners looking to inform and enlighten little residents in the capital about events, places and people.

The Young Londoner team extraordinaire is made up of:

Ana Sheppard: Editor

London lover, thrill seeker, mummy to a very active toddler, foodie and market lover with a passion for libraries, poetry and theatre. Ana is a firm believer in young people and developing their life long love of local things to do in London.

Ana has worked as a freelance journo for over 10 years (with the occasional bout of venturing into Marketing and the Education sector.) Ana is a talker and before she became editor of The Young Londoner she would spend her days loquaciously promoting the great offering in her favourite city (especially free events and activities) now she’s reduced the talking and spends her time writing instead.

Daniela Sheppard: Digital Wiz

With more than 25 years experience as a web editor and digital marketing operations, Daniela promoted London and all things British to a wide international audience through large digital projects managed from the UK and abroad. She thinks that the World can be found in London’s diversity and rich history so she continues to enjoy playing tourist guide to all visiting friends,  family and Londoners looking to discover more of what this amazing city has on offer.  

Daniela is also co-author of The Young Person’s Guide to the Internet, a book that came useful at the time when Google was still working to perfect their search algorithms.

Jaimey Suleyman: Contributing Editor

Jaimey is a social media fanatic fuelled by artisan coffee, hiphop and sushi.

In her day to day job as Executive Assistant and Coordinator of Awesome, Jaimey hangs with the CEO and ACE to make sure they’ve got the p’s and q’s of projects, processes and people sorted out. She also helps the entire C-Suite Executives dream up cool ideas and put them into practice by arranging the right resources.

Now a mum of a tiny (but very hyper) human and with a passion for fine food, travel and music she’s on a mission to find only the best London has to offer for families and their brood.

An expert in international travel, top London restaurants, venues and entertainment – Jaimey is your go to gal for all things leisure.

Milo & Gio

They may be the youngest team members but they know their stuff. Read all about Milo and Gio’s adventures as they toddle along to play cafes, museums musings and outdoor fun.

These boys know how to strike a pose, make an untimely escape and generally keep the office entertained.

Readers & Contributors

We also work with occasional freelancers and contributors and we are always keen to hear from our readers so if you have an event listing, news, suggestions, review idea or article you want us to feature please get in touch at younglondonist@gmail.com.