Mashufaa: the martial art keeping kids off London streets

A popular martial art teaching defensive and offensive techniques is taking London by storm. Mashufaa aims to teach participants awareness whilst helping them to overcome difficulties in their lives.

Based across London, this martial art is keeping youngsters off the streets, as well as assisting many others dealing with mental and physical issues.

Mashufaa is the latest martial art to sweep Britain, with the company witnessing a huge increase in the number of fitness and wellbeing enthusiasts  joining.

The word ‘Mashufaa’ roughly translates to ‘Spirit of a Warrior’ in the Swahili language, with the essence of the discipline focused on helping to overcome difficulties through determination and will.

Whilst Mashufaa is a system designed to utilise the best of the major fighting forms, it’s not focused towards aggression. The class teaches principles of self-defence, self-awareness and self-confidence. It teaches students that the mind is just as important as the body, and that the two need to work in unison in order to lead a balanced life and develop an internal chi force.

Mashufaa is practiced by a variety of people for a multitude of reasons; offering an alternative to the lure of gang life, and helping individuals overcome personal issues. Ultimately it’s about a healthier lifestyle.

The martial art was initially launched in London in 1997 with the aim to help those in London overcome hard times. Since the launch, the martial arts academy has seen 167 sign up, and has helped many more over the years.

Within each 2 hour Mashufaa classes, wanafunzis (students) will be taught defensive and offensive techniques in a fitness environment, with belts being awarded as students’ progress. As well as learning to defend, each wanafunzi will also get greater insight into their physical and spiritual self.

Classes are held every Monday and Friday from 7pm to 9pm, Thursdays between 7pm and 9pm and Saturdays between 2pm and 4pm; the first session is free and they are £5.00 a time after that. Venues are Lord Morrison Hall (N17 9ET), Bradfield Youth Club (SE15 6DQ) and Bridge Park Centre (NW10 0RG).

A spokesperson for www.mashufaa.co.uk commented:

“Many people come to us, young and old, because they are struggling internally. Mashufaa is holistic, with meditation being key. It’s mainly about leading a healthy life recognising your weaknesses and overcoming them.”