Parents misled by “manipulative marketing campaigns” about children’s snacks

Parents are at risk of being misled by "manipulative marketing campaigns" and "crafty messaging" on children's snacks, a child health expert has said.
Children’s Sweets.

Parents are at risk of being misled by “manipulative marketing campaigns” and “crafty messaging” on children’s snacks, a child health expert has said.

Dr Max Davie said that given levels of obesity, it was crucial for parents to know what their children were eating. It comes as University of Glasgow researchers examined seemingly healthy children’s snacks sold in UK shops.

They found some snacks labelled as containing one portion of fruit or veg did not live up to the claim. Scientists and doctors say more stringent regulation is needed.

Alexandra Preston, Head of Healthy Hearts at Heart Research UK said: “Research results like those announced from the University of Glasgow provide us with further proof that making the healthy choice isn’t easy.

“We want product labelling to be clearer. Many of us think we are making better choices for our health but in reality it’s an overly complex system to try to understand.

“As a nation we are getting bigger and long term health conditions such as heart disease are becoming more common in young adults.

“Clearer product labelling not only in children’s snacks but across all food groups are needed so people are not misled and really can make the healthier choice.”

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