The Tigon and the Liger family theatre show at Chickenshed

Chickenshed’s Tales from the Shed team have been working with renowned author Keilly Swift to bring her brilliant children’s book, The Tigon and the Liger to the Chickenshed stage.

“Tyler the tigon was terribly rare. A big cat like him isn’t found everywhere. Unique from his ears to his tail to his tum, his dad was a tiger, a lion his mum…”

Chickenshed’s Tales from the Shed team have been working with renowned author Keilly Swift to bring her brilliant children’s book, The Tigon and the Liger to the Chickenshed stage.

Using Keilly’s excellent rhyming verse and Tales from the Shed’s physical and visual style, the jungle comes to life as Tyler the Tigon and Lyla the Liger meet, learn and play as they travel on their journeys of self-discovery.

Told using many styles to engage all the senses including mime, rhyme, sign and song alongside puppet characters and the unique Tales from the Shed creation process, The Tigon and the Liger will leave you with a warm feeling inside and the assertion that it takes all sorts to make a world. 

Presented in Chickenshed’s Rayne Theatre space, The Tigon and the Liger is a big show for inquisitive minds. Catch the show until Thursday 13 April at Chickenshed Theatre in North London. The Tigon and the Liger will be on tour following the run at Chickenshed.

About Keilly Swift:

Children’s author and editor, Keilly Swift, has worked in publishing for nearly twenty years, on a wide range of kids’ books and magazines. She is currently Managing Editor at First News, the UK’s only national newspaper for young people, which has won several awards and has more than two million readers each week. 

Keilly’s work has a light-hearted style and she enjoys writing in rhyme. Her stories often explore the themes of acceptance and the celebration of difference, which are central to The Tigon and the Liger. The book was published in 2016 and has been shortlisted for a number of awards, including the Sheffield Children’s Book Award 2017.

Keilly is a huge fan of Chickenshed’s work. The ethos of inclusion and bringing out the potential in everyone is exactly what The Tigon and the Liger is about. She can’t wait to see Chickenshed’s talented team bring her words to life on stage.

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