Museum of Architecture announces new family course starting on 27 April 2019

The School for Creative Thinkers was set up by the Museum of Architecture to teach the next generation about problem solving, design skills and innovation and they have a new course starting on 27 April 2019.

The School for Creative Thinkers was set up by the Museum of Architecture to teach the next generation about problem solving, design skills and innovation. These life lessons will be valuable in any profession children choose to pursue.

Their new 12-week summer term starts on 27 April and is ideal for children of six years and above. Run by a team of teachers, architects and designers, each 12-week course will promote creativity, critical thinking and collaboration. Designed for children to attend with an adult – the course promotes teamwork and quality family time!

What can we learn from Nature’s Architects?

From the nest-weaving of birds and the cellular structures of bees, nature’s architects can inspire us to think differently about modern day problems and challenges. This course explores what we can learn about the homes animals make and how biomimicry can help inspire us when we design, innovate and problem-solve. To enrol click here

Set up by the Museum of Architecture, The School for Creative Thinkers, is a new family programme created to inspire the next generation of architects, engineers and designers.

During the 12-week programme participants can expect to:

  • Learn about animals
  • Learn new design concepts
  • Listen to stories
  • Look at examples of work done by architects, explained by architects
  • Create and build an architectural study model to take home each week

WHEN: The 12-week term starts 27 April and classes take place on Saturday mornings

WHERE: Iverna Gardens, Kensington W8 6TP

Future themes include Creating Space and Taking Shape.  Pop-ups and one-day workshops coming soon.

Visit the website for more details:

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