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A night at the Hoxton

Two exhausted parents have a night off from their three month old baby with a stay at the Hoxton Hotel in Shoreditch.

It didn’t matter the season, our days were blurring into one. Sleepless nights, nappy changes, the wheels on the bus, washing machine droning in the background, tea, coffee, too few showers and too many biscuits, stuck on repeat. Again. Again. Again.

Parenthood was no pampers commercial. Everyone (baby included) needed a break and this finally arrived with a click of a mouse. A purple button and a credit card and our stay at the Hoxton was booked. Grandma’s babysitting services were enlisted and we were beyond excited.

The Hoxton Hotel has been a long standing Shoreditch institution since 2006 (back when being trendy and donning a beard was still a relatively new) when we all had less creases on our faces and less white hairs on our heads, back when evenings out were regular occurrences. I had a vague recollection of going drinking in the downstairs bar – but it felt like a long time ago and it didn’t matter. We craved sleep, and a break, and an uninterrupted shower – oh such simple pleasures that we took for granted before having children.

And so we arrived. Checked in and did a dramatic fall on the bed (the type you see in Hollywood style films only this protagonist was wearing under eye bags rather than mascara). The rooms are trendy chic with parquet floorings, large mirrors and industrial details (exposed brick walls, Shoreditch street art that sort of vibe).

It was 7pm and we were child free and despite the exhaustion out we went into the streets of Shoreditch to eat hot food and take our time and talk to each other again. Conversation soon turned to ‘babies’ and by 9pm we were sharing cute pictures and giggling at gurgling videos. A few more drinks later (and a couple of calls to Grandma to ensure baby was fed, bathed and sleeping) and we returned back into our boudoir for the night.

We snuggled in under the crisp sheets and prepared ourselves for a night of undisturbed sleep. No such luck. And not because of the hotel, although it is located in such a buzzing location, once you are indoors you can close the thick curtains and shut out London. Shut out the world. We didn’t hear a peep (no helicopters, car horns or drunken peeps) No! We were programmed to wake up every few hours – our body clocks were messed up after three months of continuous night wakings.

Same for the lie in. At 7 am we were awake and ready to go. In fact 7pm felt like a lie in. We had just paid for an expensive night away from home (we live 10 min away) but it was worth it for the hot shower, not having to tidy up or do the morning routine.

Enjoying a little break and appreciating each other as human beings as opposed to mum and dad. Most importantly it was a break in the endless days stuck on repeat.

Breakfast though – what is this? A little orange juice, granola and a banana. Sure I like to be healthy, but when away from home I want a cooked breakfast (eggs, toast, hot coffee that sort of thing) so on that front I was somewhat disappointed. Otherwise the hotel was divine and we would return given the opportunity.

The Hoxton is located at 81 Great Eastern Street, London EC2A 3HU more info & bookings here.

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