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Family fun in the City of London for summer 2019

Flying trapeze acts, daring dance-circus performances, and the demolition of a 20-metre-high London landmark made of cardboard are some of the treats on offer to families in the Square Mile this summer.
Wild performing in Brighton, May 2019 © Dan Tucker

London’s skyline will take shape with human pyramids created by youth dance group, Mimbre, or relax with experimental classical music in some of the City’s ‘sky gardens’, courtesy of music producer, ‘nonclassical’

Kids will enjoy the sights and smells of the Big Fat Poo Berger’s all-round ‘sewerific’ experience, thanks to  the Bureau of Silly Ideas, who are celebrating 200 years since the birth of Sir Joseph Bazalgette, creator of London’s sewer network.

Alternatively, French street performance group, Générik Vapeur, and flying trapeze experts Gorilla Circus will invite you to explore how not-so-fantastic plastic is having a serious impact on the environment by joining a  huge travelling procession through the Square Mile, which takes everyone on an imaginary journey to the island of plastic waste.

‘The London That Never Was’ exhibition at Guildhall Art Gallery will explain to you how some of the capital’s buildings could have turned out (but thankfully didn’t…!) while over at the Barbican Estate, dancers from Motionhouse will use their bodies to illustrate the disconnect between urban city dwellers and nature.

The family-friendly and free events form part of Fantastic Feats: the building of London – an immersive, creative, and inclusive programme celebrating London’s long-standing history of architectural and engineering firsts. It features outdoor art, music and dance performance from a line-up of cutting edge UK and international acts.

See the festival’s summer holiday family highlights in date order below but there’s more as Fantastic Feats runs till 1 December 2019 but to view the full programme, click here or follow @visitthecity or #FantasticFeats

The People’s Tower by Olivier Grossetête

Martigues in Marseille, France: ©Vincent Lucas

French artist Olivier Grossetête will invite the whole family to help him build, and demolish, a building influenced by the architecture of Guildhall, made solely from cardboard boxes and sticky tape. The construction will stand up to 20 metres tall, use 1,500 boxes, and weigh more than 1.5 tonnes. 
When: 20 – 21 July 2019
Where: Guildhall Yard, EC2V 5AE
How much: free


Wild performing in Brighton, May 2019 © Dan Tucker

Witness some daring moves by world-renowned dance-circus production company, Motionhouse, whose performers will use their bodies to move through a field of poles. The performance explores the disconnect between urban population and nature, using the powerful movements distinctive to Motionhouse.
When: 25 July 2019
Where: St Giles Terrace, Barbican Estate, London EC2Y 8DA
How much: free

Skyline by Mimbre

Mimbre’s studio rehearsal: ©Mimbre

For all those happy feet, Hackney-based, female-led youth acrobatic dance company, Mimbre, will use street dance to mimick the skyline with human pyramids. Mimbre, supported by rising stars of the National Centre for Circus Arts and the acrobatic brilliance of Acroujou, will also be running free drop-in circus workshops.
When: 2 August 2019 12pm til 6pm
Where: Aldgate Square EC3N 1AF
How much: free

Thank you for Having Us by Générik Vapeur and Gorilla Circus

Thank You for Having Us performance © Générik Vapeur

French street performance group, Générik Vapeur and UK Grand Volant Flying Trapeze specialists Gorilla Circus will explore the impact of plastic on the environment, in a travelling procession through the Square Mile, taking visitors on an imaginary journey to the island of plastic waste in the Pacific Ocean. Sponsored by the Cheapside Business Alliance and in partnership with Thames Water and Thames Festival Trust.
When: 7 September
Where: Within the vicinity of Cheapside
How much: free

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