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Fitness at The Fore in Kings Cross

The Fore is a newly opened fitness studio in the heart of Kings Cross and we went to check it out and try a a class to see what it is all about.

Now as a working parent, time is limited and I want a class with minimal fuss and maximum results. And The Fore delivers on all fronts. 

The Fore is driven by a desire to make fitness universally accessible; whether you are a new mum, a regular runner or just want to try out some new excercises. The classes focus on all four elements of human health – the physical, emotional, social and intellectual and their premises also reflect this as they have fitness classes but also a friendly co-working space and spa room.

As a busy parent and a Londoner, I want results in the least amount of time possible. And from that perspective the class was a winner, it was intense but fun and it combined personal training with group exercises which meant motivation was slightly better (for this writer anyway!). I was left feeling like I had burned the same amount of calories in 45 minutes that I usually do in an hour and a half – so on that front it is very effective. The next day muscles I didn’t even know I had were aching – which is always a sign of a good exercise session.

I loved that there is no need to lug your own towel down – just a change of clothes and you are ready to let off some steam and get that body into shape with a work out, they provide the rest: showers, deodorant, hair straighteners etc

The cafe on site serves delicious coffee with lots of non dairy options and the interior is pretty lush (I found out the founder Hannah Lanel let her children paint it ). Hannah is the Managing Director of The Fore and she says: “The minute we set foot on the Kings Cross Estate, we knew that it was the right location for us.  This flagship studio, which will serve the diverse and vibrant Kings Cross community, will become home to a suite of comprehensive and completely integrated services designed to deliver physical and emotional release whilst providing the community a place in which to gather.”

They also have plans to get a nanny service on board so mums with kids of all ages can come and enjoy classes whilst the little ones do arts and crafts or play games.

The Fore is based at 14-18 Handyside Street (R7), London, N1C 4DN (behind The Everyman Cinema) and more details and bookings can be found on their website here.

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