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Do summer festivals spell stress-tivals for parents?

Festival season sparks worry for most parents as majority don’t know how to prepare their teens - with some calling their kids twice a day to make sure they are OK.
Boomtown Festival 2019

Festivals are a great British tradition – and one the Young Londoner is very fond of. We have in fact collated the best family friendly picks for 2019 here. But 27% of parents admit they have never been to a festival and only half of them help their teenagers to prepare for the trip.

Research by Veygo has revealed that festival season can leave parents feeling stressed! 35% of parents said that their kids are going to music festivals this year, and a third of them (29%) admitted that they will be texting or phoning their kids at least twice a day to make sure they are ok.

Parents of teenagers going to a festival for the first time felt that their kids were more likely to worry about losing their mobile phones (32%) or running out of money (31%).  

Mothers were more concerned about their children going to festivals than fathers, especially when it came to the fear of their child losing their friend and ending up alone (31% vs 22%). However, dads seemed to be more concerned about them having enough money to take with them (£86 vs £66 for mothers).

But, despite the worries many are facing, over half of parents (57%) do nothing to prepare their child for a festival.

Actor, presenter and rapper Richard Blackwood says: “Festivals are the perfect rite of passage for young adults. It’s a chance for people to get out there and an excuse for a cracking road trip. I get that parents stress, I do too! My recommendation to those stressing would be to channel this stress into an opportunity to bond – help them pack the car and recommend the best route. That’ll leave you with at least one less thing to worry about and they’ll thank you for it.”

Jean-Baptiste Limare, Head of Veygo, says: “Festival season is now in full swing and for many people it involves happy times with friends and great music, but, not for everybody and particularly for parents. They can actually cause worry and concern, especially for parents of young festival first timers who will be packing their bags and wondering what to expect.

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