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UK’s first clearing line for University alternatives opens this A-level results day

Training giant QA is opening the UK’s first of its kind “clearing line” for people who want an alternative to university.

The clearing line – which will be open on A level results day – will give school and college leavers access to over 500 apprenticeships at businesses all across the country, from innovative tech startups to huge tech leaders like Vodafone, Cisco and BT.

As well as offering a career from day one, the apprenticeships also lead to higher-level qualifications, equivalent to higher education awards from universities. QA experts answering the hotline will match callers with a placement in a career that suits them. Among those answering the phones will be careers advisors, plus people who have successfully completed apprenticeships, as well as employers offering apprenticeships.

They will talk about their interests and ambitions before going through all their options. School and college leavers will then be able to agree a placement over the phone in just minutes and start their new job within weeks, all with great employers. 

Ben Pike, managing director at QA, said: “University isn’t for everyone. A lot of focus on A level results day is on universities and the opportunities they offer. But lots of school and college leavers – and their parents – will be interested in starting a career straightaway, to give it a big kick start and get ahead.

“Our apprenticeships are a fast route to a brilliant career in sought-after occupations. A level results day is an excellent opportunity for people who want to put their well-deserved exam success to use in work from day one, while also continuing to learn and further their qualifications. We wanted to open a hotline to show there are alternatives to university, so people can choose from all their options.”

Apprenticeships are expected to be a major focus of Boris Johnson’s new government. He has made it clear that his ministers should work towards giving more young people the best skills training. New Education Secretary Gavin Williamson is taking charge of this initiative. 

About QA’s apprenticeships

QA has trained and placed over 25,000 apprentices in organisations all over the UK. Their careers span the tech and digital industries, including software, networking, cyber security, digital marketing and data analysis. The median wage for a QA apprentice (aged under 25) is £345 a week, 45% higher than the national median apprentice wage. Apprenticeships range between 12-47 months long, and once they’ve completed their programme, 91% of QA apprentices remain in employment (which is 17.5% higher than the national employment rate).  

About QA

QA is the UK’s leading learning organisation providing training, consultancy, apprenticeships and post graduate degrees on a range of technical, business and leadership subjects. With over 22 UK training centres – including their apprenticeships and consulting academies – and a range of online learning options, QA offer an unparalleled set of learning solutions to both private and public sector organisations.

The number for the clearing line is 0345 074 7825. Those interested can also request a call-back here.