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The Young Londoner guide to Clearing

August 15 is an important day for students throughout the UK as it means A-level results day. And although many will be celebrating throughout London and beyond, others may not be so sure of what their next steps may be.

Whether you didn’t get the grades to get into your University of choice or you didn’t apply in time (or changed your mind about what Uni you want to go to) The Young Londoner has some of your most common questions answered.

What is clearing?

Clearing is your opportunity to apply directly to the University of your choice to start this September. It runs until September with some Universities extending this until the course start date (so check with your Uni of choice).

Who is clearing for?

Not everyone applying through Clearing has the same circumstances. But you can make an application if: 

• You don’t currently hold any offers 
• You declined all your offers or didn’t respond to UCAS by the due date 
• You applied after 30 June 2019 
• You haven’t made an application 

If you already have an application through UCAS and are eligible for Clearing, you will be automatically allocated a Clearing number. You can then contact universities to try and secure a place. Don’t worry if you haven’t already applied through UCAS, Universities can still accept your application and talk you through the process. 

How do I apply through Clearing?

Make sure you research Universities and if you can arrange for a visit (lots of Unis have Open Days around this time of year) and a chat with your course leader can help answer any questions you may have.

UCAS has a list of all the courses still available through clearing so check here BUT if you are set on a course that is not available through clearing, still give the University of your choice a call and see if they can do anything (no harm in trying!)

Prepare for your call with the University by having a pen and paper ready, any new qualifications and results and also your UCAS ID (if you have one.)

Lastly, remember that clearing places are limited so don’t delay and apply as soon as you can. There’s lots of ways you can apply, by calling the Uni, going via their website or through social media (Twitter, WhatsApp and Facebook).

What happens next?

If you qualify the criteria you will most likely be offered a place and voila. Don’t forget there are also lots of other alternatives to Uni including apprenticeships, Gap Years and work experience placements.