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Victorian Vauxhall at the Pleasure Gardens this August bank holiday

The holidays might be nearly over, but there’s still time to celebrate the end of the summer in style…Victorian style!

Vauxhall is stepping back in time this August Bank Holiday, returning to the Victorian Era in the Pleasure Gardens for this free family friendly day with circus acts, ice cream and vintage games galore.

It’s a chance to step back in time and enjoy the Pleasure Gardens as people did in its heyday, by enjoying something a little unusual. There will be stilt-walkers and tightrope performers, a Victorian strongman and acrobatics, all for your viewing pleasure. Sit in a Victorian style balloon, ride a carousel and loads more for free.

For an extra special treat, the first 100 people who arrive in the gardens will also be given a free ice-cream (yum). There will be traditional fish & chips available to purchase whilst enjoying the show, and people are welcome to bring picnics with blankets and take the opportunity to enjoy the Gardens in their summer splendour. 

Swing by the bandstand and check out the array of performers that will be on hand to liven up the day.

3-Piece Jazz Band
Let the rhythm of this vintage swing band sweep you back to another era. Maybe you’ll be even persuaded to get your dancing shoes on.

The Acro Chaps
Three men, three moustaches, and many, many tricks up their sleeve! The Acro Chaps will be performing the best comedy and acrobatics, straight from the golden age, as they make their way around the park to entertain and amuse visitors.

Hanna – The Tightrope Walker
Just like her predecessors, who thrilled the crowds back in the 1800s, Hanna’s skills and balance on the tightrope are truly jaw-dropping. Prepare to be amazed by her balance, elegance and fluidity, as she doesn’t just walk across the wire, but actually dances along it to music.

Mr and Mrs Flora
Look on – and up – in wonder as Mr and Mrs Flora tower high above you on their stilts. They are living flower displays, covered head to toe in silk petals so realistic you’d be forgiven for thinking they were freshly picked. Expect an extraordinary sight to remember.

Victorian Strongman
He can lift grown men above his head, bend solid metal with his bare hands, and smash a whole watermelon with his head. This traditional Victorian strongman is probably not a guy to get on the wrong side of, but he certainly makes for some astonishing entertainment.

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