Interview with Amanda Rabor founder of Mini Mode

The Young Londoner was lucky enough to interview the CEO and founder of Mini-Mode and ask some questions about Mini Mode, her business, her passions, the future and motherhood.
Rock & Mouse fashion is going to be presenting at Mini Mode

Amanda, tell us a little about yourself.

Mini Mode is part of my life purpose. It’s my vision and contribution to the next generation. I’ve worked in adult Mental Health for over 20 years which I also love but I’ve also been a creative person who’s pursued my creative visions creating my own Children swear Brand, Isossy

How did the idea of Mini Mode come about?

Isossy led me to create Mini Mode because I wanted to have a dynamic platform in the UK for kids that was inclusive and diverse in its representation. 

Can you explain more about how mini mode empowers children and improves their self esteem

It’s funny, as I’ve done more shows I realise how much impact Mini Mode has had on the lives of kids and families. It’s easy to take it for granted now, even by me, but 1.5 years ago we didn’t exist and there wasn’t a platform to launch kids into the limelight and give them a global space to express their voices and differences. Mini Mode is inclusive and diverse in representing all aspects of society without compromise. That in itself is empowering. When kids see themselves on a world class runway they feel empowered and they know they have a chance. It’s a powerful effect. 

Can you talk more about this year’s Mini Mode Brand Ambassadors? Who they are and what is their role? 

Mini Mode has made so many small contributions to supporting kids careers that our kids wanted to share their stories and shout about us. The Brand Ambassadors have the chance to share their inspirational stories and in turn empower other kids. Some of our BA’s in previous seasons  have used our platform to make it onto the News at 10 and E News, and This Morning to share their inspirational stories so it’s nice that they want to promote us in return. Others, want to let other children know how empowering the experience has been for them. 

What is your top tip when working with such a diverse range of children?

It’s no secret, just treat people like Human Beings. 

How can fashion for children be sustainable?

I’d say that comes through education and understanding and all of us making conscious efforts and investments in our clothing. We represent conscious minded Designer brands rather than the fast fashion market. As consumers we can choose better fabrics and quality clothes as well. 

Tell us more about supporting the charity. why the OCC? 

This charity is a personal favourite of mine because I was able to turn to them for support with my own family many years ago. Cranial Osteopathy is such a gentle and effective way to heal imbalances in the body and it’s gentle enough for even babies. I can’t recommend this treatment enough. I even have it myself to manage stress and to help keep myself grounded. 

What does the future hold for Mini Mode?

We’ve got some really exciting things planned for next year. Watch this space always. 

How do you juggle motherhood with running a business?

My family is grown now as I started quite young I guess. It’s good because I now have time to do me.