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Run a marathon by standing still

By using a standing desk rather than sitting down to work, you can burn an extra 50 calories an hour – in a month that’s the equivalent of running a marathon

Summer holidays are over and work from home parents will once again face the challenge of balancing work with a busy family schedule. Health and exercise may not be at the forefront of your mind. But by using a standing desk, rather than sitting down to work, you can burn an extra 50 calories every hour. So even if you stand at your desk for only 4 hours each day, in less than a month you will have burned the same number of calories as running a marathon!

Standing desks have a many other health benefits, including helping to reduce lower back pain and reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease. And standing more often can improve posture. We had been looking for a solution to our long hours spent in front of a computer.

At Young Londoner HQ we’ve been trialling the Varidesk, which slots on top of a normal desk and, requiring no installation, takes you from sitting to standing in just a few seconds. It has made a real difference to the way we work and, importantly, the way we feel. We are more active without realising it, just by being at work.

The design is simple and slick and it provides more surface space too. And if the thought of standing all day makes you anxious (as we were to start with!) you can always get an office chair or stool for the moments when you need a respite.

While using a standing desk is certainly a bonus for parents working at home – the higher desk also means that hot drinks, phones, pens and keyboards are kept well out of reach of inquisitive toddlers. Although the same health benefits would be felt standing at work in offices and
businesses, where the Varidesk can be installed without the need to replace existing office furniture.

So run a marathon every month, just by standing at your desk.

The Varidesk Pro Plus 36 is available in white or black at £365 from

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