Comedian and mum Olivia Lee reinvents mindfulness for 21st century mothers

The album 'Mindful mum: how not to lose your total shit' was released yesterday, September 6th .

Bored of all the worthy meditation tracks that saturate the market, which tell you to just ‘be calm’ to ‘just relax’ and to ‘stay positive’, this is Olivia’s two fingered salute to these. It is a direct reaction to what she describes as “the trend of rigid positivity that this generation seem obsessed with.”

Understanding that 8 in 10 parents believe there are more pressures on mums today than there were on their own mothers’ generation*, Olivia Lee recognised the need for a modern-day remedy. It is the first album of its kind to exist, with X rated meditation tracks that feature her trademark outrageous no bullshit comedy style, and proudly carries the Parental Advisory Explicit Content label.

The meditations created for ‘Mindful Mum – How Not To Lose Your Total Fucking Shit’ are not just funny for the sake of being funny. There is a method behind the laughs as Olivia has written them with the hope that through laughter, she can actually help mums to feel better. Olivia calls this “laughter therapy”, and it is her qualification as a life coach and recent journey into motherhood that ensures Olivia knows what will make mums (and fathers) feel better.

While writing a script on Life Coaches, Olivia did a Life Coaching course as part of her research. She emerged with a life coaching certificate and tools that helped her to stay sane during the first few tough years of motherhood. Even with this qualification, she still lost her total fucking shit but stopped giving herself a hard time for it, and finally let herself off the fucking hook for being imperfect, realising that acceptance is key.

Olivia said: “All I can hope is that after listening to my album any mum will be able to un-fuck themselves from the prison of perfection.”

Olivia created and wrote ‘Mindful Mum – How Not To Lose Your Total Fucking Shit’ to help other mums to stay sane on their crazy journey through motherhood by embracing their angry inner selves and sharing in the fact they are not alone in their negative feelings. Ensuring that mums make sure they take a little time to themselves, the album is so X-rated that tracks are not to be listened to in front of the kids!

Olivia is currently turning the album into a live show with dates and venues to be announced shortly so watch this space and in the mean time have a listen to Mindful Mum – How Not To lose Your Total Fucking Shit.

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