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Kart through the Square Mile on World Car Free Day Sunday 22 September 2019

London Play invites you to take part in a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity – to build and race your own go kart through the gold-paved streets of the City of London on World Car Free Day!

Free of motorised traffic, the City streets will be transformed into clean, safe and joyful spaces for social interaction, experimentation and celebration. Bankers in taxis will be replaced by children in self-made wooden go karts, raced against a backdrop of some of London’s most iconic landmarks. 

London Play are looking for six teams of children (and accompanying adults) who are up for the challenge. The event is FREE, and we will provide all necessary wood, wheels, brakes and fixings to build a kart from scratch, in just four hours. You don’t need any experience and play engineers will be on hand to help and they will also provide safety equipment, but please do bring bicycle helmets. In return they ask for:

 100% commitment. If you say you are coming, you must turn up and take part, for the full day. Whatever the weather, bring your own sunshine!

• 100% enthusiasm. It will be challenging but loads of fun! We want all six teams to be fully up for the challenge, getting into the spirit of the event and giving their all.

• Your agreement for all participants to be filmed and photographed as they intend to use images to promote Car Free Day, play in London and further afield – for use in print and online by London Play and its partners.

Teams will be comprised of between 6 and 8 children plus at least two accompanying adults. Fun is mandatory – but entirely likely!

To enter please download the flyer on their website for more info, and email for an application form before 5PM on Friday 13th September 2019

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