Become a conservationist with ZSL at New Scientist Live

Ever wondered how to keep a GPS tag on a turtle diving hundreds of metres under the water? How you can fight wildlife crime from the comfort of your home? Or maybe how vets check the teeth of a 160-kilogram silverback gorilla?

ZSL (Zoological Society of London), the international conservation charity behind London and Whipsnade Zoos, will answer all as they offer a glimpse into the world of conservation science at New Scientist Live.

Running from Thursday 10 to Sunday 13 October 2019, New Scientist Live will take visitors on a journey of discovery, turning London’s ExCel Centre into the most exhilarating place on Earth.

ZSL is joining forces with Chester Zoo, Knowsley Safari and SEA LIFE London Aquarium on the BIAZA (British and Irish Association of Zoos and Aquariums) stand, inside the Earth Zone, showcasing the incredible wildlife science taking place in the UK’s leading zoos.

The four-day exhibition will be jam-packed with thought-provoking talks, interactive experiences, workshops and performances set to inspire all ages. ZSL’s experts will also be talking on the Earth Stage revealing ‘London’s biggest hidden wildlife secret’ and the Performance Stage, discussing science-based animal training and how it benefits veterinary care in zoos.

Charlotte Coales, ZSL’s public engagement coordinator said: “Visitors will be able to experience a glimpse of what it’s like to be a conservation scientist over the course of the exhibition – understanding how we fix GPS tags to life-sized toy turtles, identifying species from camera trap images and mastering our ‘identify the spawn’ game.

“Visitors will be able to test their cognitive abilities against one of the most intelligent beings in the animal kingdom – the gorilla. Dexterity and patience will be required to complete our secret enrichment task…come and see if you have what it takes to beat an adult gorillas score time!”

Delve deep into life beneath the ‘Mother Thames’ discovering the many different species that live in London’s greatest wilderness, from eels to seals to oysters and sharks, while exploring the citizen scientist opportunities ZSL offers at home – all helping to build a world where wildlife thrives.

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