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From ‘Dad Bod’ to ‘Dad God’

NEW BOOK: Navy Veteran launches “No BS” guide to help Dads face up to fitness and fat loss

Dan Fallon is an ex-Royal Navy physical training instructor on a mission. His goal is to help 5000 Dads across the UK to get fit and lose weight, without meal plans or shake diets, and the message of his new book is very clear – Start with ONE THING.

Millions of men across the UK will identify with starting to put on weight and get out of shape after becoming a father, and it is often put down as just a natural part of ageing or a declining metabolism. However, the reality is at this stage in life many men simply become less active, and the many pressures of family life mean Dads’ own personal fitness becomes less of a priority.

Dan Fallon knows this story well. Shortly after becoming a father to his little girl, Poppy, he left the military and began to care for his terminally ill father. The stress caused his own life to spiral out of control, he started ‘self-medicating’ with food to help make himself feel better, and despite spending 17 years as a physical training instructor in the Royal Navy, his weight quickly ballooned by 3 stone.

Tackling fitness fears

As Dan began his own journey to get back in shape, he talked to other likeminded Dads, facing similar challenges. He realised that for many, the main obstacle to getting fit was actually fear and anxiety – they were scared of being judged in the gym, embarrassed they might be ‘doing it wrong’ and even worried they would look ridiculous in front of their own families.

To help destigmatise exercise, Dan launched a support group for hundreds of Dads across the UK, called The Super You Project. This group has now inspired his new book, Start with ONE THING, which provides a simple step-by-step guide, with tools and techniques that will empower Dads to make the best decisions to maximise the effectiveness of their fitness and fat loss journey.

From sex to sleep, from fitness to wellness, from mood to food, Start with ONE THING gives real life solutions to genuine problems faced by busy Dads. Fallon helps readers find a balance between movement, mindset and munch and understand the techniques needed to go from being a fat dad to a fit dad. He tackles the pitfalls that lead us to stray from the path of good intentions and presents strategies to overcome those obstacles.

This straight-talking, honest and practical guide has already had success with hundreds of Dads across the country, leading them to a fitter, happier lifestyle that the whole family benefits from.

Start with ONE THING is available from ReThink Press and is priced at £12.99.