The Wolf, The Duck and the Mouse at Unicorn Theatre

The surreal adventure from author Mac Barnett and illustrator Jon Klassen is brought to life in a new show at Unicorn Theatre and anyone with a wickedly dark and quirky sense of humour should go and see it.

This darkly comic fable is brought to life by Samuel Buttery as The Duck, Varun Raj as The Mouse and Cath Whitefield as The Wolf.

The play starts in the depth of the forest where the trees are our raconteurs and they have a story to share with us. Their anecdote begins with Mouse who is gobbled up by a very hungry she-wolf and once in the belly of the beast Mouse is acquainted with Duck. As it turns out it’s a pretty nice existence in the pit of the Wolf’s stomach – Duck has become quite comfortable and life is filled with daily dance parties, afternoon teas and the occasional buzzy visitor – plus the biggest bonus – no fear of being eaten by anyone else. But things don’t last for the two unlikely friends. In the forest things are taking a dark turn as two hunters begin stalking our wolf and in a surprising twist events, it is up to Duck and Mouse to save the life of their benefactor.

This tale of an unlikely friendship and the triumph of the underdog is a perfectly festive show to get stuck into this winter. Our favourite character was The Duck as he managed to get the most laughs and audience participation – yes we moved and grooved along with him and the toddler was even pointing at the stale looking bread wanting a bite.

The Wolf, The Duck and the Mouse is aimed at ages 3-7 and is hilariously funny at all different levels – our soon to be three year old was hooked on the action, screaming with laughter and delighted with the fear of the wolf (who turns out not to be that scary after all!). Still though, he got to tell his dad he met a wolf today.
The Wolf, the Duck and the Mouse is on at Unicorn Theatre until 5 Jan 2020 and tickets start at £18. More info and bookings here.

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