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Uniqlo Tate Late: Nam June Paik 29 November

Are you in need of a childfree evening filled with art, alcohol and music? Then look no further than Late at the Tate.
Picture by Dan Weill

Sure we have 5 reasons to visit Nam June Paik with kids but what about if you want to take your time and enjoy some alcohol whilst taking in this exhibiion?

Uniqlo Tate Late on 29 November is themed around Nam June Paik exhibition. Paik was a visionary artist who foresaw the importance of mass media and new technologies predicting that in the future everyone would have their own channel. The show includes robots, a TV Garden, a Mongolian Tent and a Sistine Chapel made out of 34 projectors and recreated for the first time since the Venice Biennale. Expect music and projections from other artistic greats including David Bowie and Janis Joplin.

Sistine Chapel

As part of the evening’s programme visitors will be able to work together to enact pieces from Yoko Ono’s Grapefruit score, specially selected by the artist who was a friend and collaborator of Paik’s. Inspired by Paik’s work Random Access, sound artist Rebekah Ubuntu, Goldsmiths’ Dr Holly Rodgers and artist Robbie Barrat will discuss the future of art and technology. A video work by Barrat, an interactive collage from DADA.Art collective will also be shown on the night. In addition, Worldwide FM’s Global Roots have collaborated with afro-electronic producer Ekiti Sound and digital artists James Beej and Sabina Covarrubias to create a data-generated audio visual experiment.  

Activities will spill out in to the Tanks Foyer, where interactive installation Participation TV and a display titled Tate Ecosystem Data Visualizer will be shown. A project inspired by the patterns and structures of natural ecosystems, it has been created by students from UAL, King’s College, UCL and Brown in collaboration with Holition. These are of course just a few of the highlights of the evening – the full programme is available on Tate’s website here:

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