Free stuff for London’s students

It can be a hard life for students in London; tuition fees are astronomical, the price of living is soaring and you’re rarely ever paid above minimum wage. But, there is some form of salvation; you can get stationary, beauty products, cleaning things and, if you can believe it, coffee, all for absolutely free.

More and more students are using freebie sites to help them financially while at University. These sites find all of the best freebies around, both online and in store, and publish them on their website, so that you can easily apply for whatever tickles your fancy. Searching for freebies can often take hours, but they do all the leg work and bring you new offers every day, saving you time that would be better spent studying.

The UK’s no.1 freebie site is arguably Latest Free Stuff; they publish 8 genuine offers to their site every day, have a membership of over 1 million users and were even featured on Dragons’ Den. If you can’t be bothered to check their website every day or aren’t into e-newsletters, then you can simply sign up to their Telegram alerts to get freebie alerts straight to your phone.

There is a vast variety of freebies available on their website, from pens and notebooks to coffee and beer. You can also nab free kettles, fridges and ovens if you’re lucky. Some students are saving an absolute fortune on their daily essentials, and often enjoy a few extra treats for themselves, too. So, why not give it a go? There are loads of ways that you can get freebies from their site, such as free samples, product testing, competitions, referral programmes and more.

Free samples

One of the most common forms of freebies is free samples. Lots of companies will offer free samples of products to entice users to try their products and, if they like them, to buy them. Users have recently received Chanel perfume and Elemis moisturisers, as well as Persil laundry detergent and Comfort fabric conditioner. 

Product Testing

Sign up to product testing websites and you could be getting all kinds of incredible goodies. Latest Free Stuff alert you whenever a new product testing opportunity arises, meaning you don’t have to keep checking back on the website to see if there’s something new to apply for. Latest Free Stuff’s members have managed to nab kettles, fridges, earphones, heated blankets, electric toothbrushes, beauty products, food – the list really goes on.


Competitions are another great source of freebies. Companies, big and small, often hold exciting competitions. Prizes vary, but big brands often give away freebies like consoles, food, beauty products and, of course, so much more. There are usually special competitions around certain holidays such as Halloween and Christmas, so make sure to keep out then.

Referral programmes

Some companies offer freebies as an incentive to invite friends; the more friends you invite, the more freebies you receive. For example, they recently managed to bag a year’s supply of deodorant and premium mens skincare.

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