Most popular educational toys revealed

The world’s fastest-growing marketplace has analysed its sales data to reveal the most popular educational toys, after noticing a 32% increase in web traffic to its Educational Toy department since UK schools were closed.

After all schools in the UK shut on the 20th March 2020, the world’s fastest-growing marketing place noticed a 32% increase in web traffic to its educational toy department and has revealed the top ten most popular educational toys. looked at internal sales data between the 20th March and the 17th April to reveal that rainbow diffraction glasses are the most popular educational toy, closely followed by toy tape measures and light up globes.

The top 10 most popular educational toys are: 

1.     Rainbow diffraction glasses
These simple spectacles are effective in teaching children about the relationship between light and colour, as they create a spectrum of colours when viewing artificial light around the house.

2.     Fun time tape measure
The colourful tape measure creates a bright and imaginative way to boost maths and measuring skills and can even help kids join in on DIY projects.

3.     2-in-1 Illuminated globe
The dual-purpose globe can support the teaching of both world geography with the light off and star constellations when illuminated.

4.     Educational laptop
With no YouTube to cause distractions, this laptop comes preloaded with 40 curriculum-based activities and can help reinforce phonics, vocabulary, maths, music and basic French.

5.     Crystal gems digging kit
Adding an interactive element to the subject of geology, this kit contains three different rock types, each one containing four different natural gems.

6.     Robotic hand
Kids can learn practical skills while assembling this device, which can be adapted to teach science subject matter, in particular Design and Technology or physics.  

7.     Gold panning kit
This kit can teach children the art of panning as they learn about natural elements and the excavation process of mining. It can also help support the teaching of the periodic table. 

8.     Butterfly breeding kit
This kit teaches the transformation of caterpillars into butterflies and can support biology tuition. It contains a reusable breeding kit and with Painted Lady Butterflies being native to the UK, they can be released into the garden once they have emerged from their cocoons.

9.     Magnets kit
The subject of magnets is often taught in physics lessons, and this interactive kit helps children visualise the science behind magnetism with a set of 10 experiments and games, including a super powered horseshoe magnet, a magnetic wand and a yacht compass.

10. Augmented reality dinosaur flashcards
These AR flashcards are effective in engaging children about the history of the world’s prehistoric creatures and allow them to walk beside a dinosaur while learning. 

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In the first two weeks since UK schools shut, British parents spent a total of £8,620 on educational toys via 

Cas Paton, founder and CEO of OnBuy said,

“It was undoubtedly a scary moment for parents all around the UK when they found out that the schools would be closing for the next few months and that they would have to quickly adapt to becoming their child’s new supply teacher.

“It has been nice to see parents find inventive ways to help with learning outside of the classroom and who knows, some of these kids could discover newfound passions for subjects that they had no interest in before with traditional teaching methods. Your bespoke approach to teaching could be helping to create the next Brian Cox or maybe even the next David Attenborough!”

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