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The Young Londoner zooms through the capital with Thames Rockets

Feel like a junior James Bond as your young Londoners take in spectacular views of London from the Thames with this socially distanced trip on Thames Rockets’ Ultimate London Adventure.

This London experience seems to be consistently well-ranked on TripAdvisor and we could understand why! This speed boating trip is perfect for thrill seekers, London lovers and history buffs of all ages. 

You can expect to take in spectacular bank-side views of London starting with the London Eye, Houses of Parliament and moving on to the Tower of London, HMS Belfast, Tower bridge and Canary Wharf. On a typically grey (and somewhat blustery) autumn morning we wrapped up well and headed down to the southbank for this adventure.

Upon arrival to the London Eye Millennium Pier we were signed in from a distance and fitted with our freshly cleaned life jackets. The kid was already bouncing around excited at the sight of his speed boat. 

Each boat comes with a skipper and a guide. We were greeted by the comical Geoff who was friendly, funny and accommodating to all the 12 people on board (the experience was fully booked). 

Geoff told us some very interesting little bits of London facts including that Westminster Bridge is painted green to match the leather seats in the House of Commons. The Houses of Parliament is also the place where you can get the cheapest pint in Westminster. 

Next up we learnt all about Cleopatra’s Needle which was erected in 1878 after the British were ‘gifted’ it (read stole!) and it has nothing to do with Cleopatra despite taking on her name. The two Egyptian sphinxes are supposed to be guarding her but apparently they were supposed to face outwards rather than in so they are instead just gazing upon the needle rather than protecting it from bad spirits. 

As we went past Christopher Wren’s masterpiece St Paul’s Cathedral we learnt how pineapples were a symbol of wealth back in his day with the equivalent cost of one ranging from £800 to £1000. People used to rent them to show off wealth to their friends and family. No wonder they feature on so many of Wren’s buildings throughout the capital.

As we went past the OXO Tower we learnt of their marketing prowess as the brand went against the rules to advertise on the river by creating windows in the shapes of the name. Brilliant! 

On we went towards Tower of London and Tower Bridge before zooming past the Metropolitan Police Marine Station, cranking the music up and booming down the Thames at full speed. Eyes watering, hearts pumping, water splashing. It was a delight. 

The Young Londoner team were bounced, shaken and stirred on our trip with Thames Rockets. The whole adventure was well organised, perfectly socially-distanced and a good mix of sight seeing and adrenaline. 

The Ultimate London Adventure trip lasts 50 minutes and is suitable for all ages. Prices are £29.95 for children and £39.95 for children. More info and booking here.

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