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The Young Londoner tries GoApe at Alexandra Palace

We were intrigued to try the Go Ape course with a three and a half year old and were pleasantly surprised to see him take to it like a monkey to the trees.

There is no better way to enjoy autumn than from London’s parks and Go Ape at Alexandra Palace certainly delivers for urban dwellers who want a little bit of a nature fix in the city. Go Ape is perfect for little Londoners interested in climbing and exploring. As well as wobbly bridges, zip-wires and intricate crossings you can expect high platforms, wooden stations and impressive woodland views. A great day day out where you can test your balance and endurance alongside your family (pus giggle a little bit along the way!)

First things first though – for we are no longer in BC (Before Covid) times so let’s talk about social distancing. They have put in place a variety of measures to make sure your trip is safe as well as enjoyable these include the staff wearing face shields throughout the safety presentation and whilst helping families with their harness. The safety harnesses are cleaned after each person uses them and visitors are encouraged to wear gloves (for comfort but also helps with Corona Virus) and only two people are allowed on the bridges and three people on the platforms at any one time. Plus the whole activity is outside in the fresh air which is a major bonus.

Upon arrival the kid was already bouncing up and down with excitement as he could see the course being prepared. After a short safety introduction where we were shown ‘the ropes’ we then went ahead and climbed up the stairs ready for our Tree Top Adventure.

The Tree Top Adventure is the course that was most suited for our needs as it is one hour long and ‘the perfect introduction to high ropes for kids’. No minimum age is required (our young Londoner is three and a half) although children do have to be over 1m.

To start with this young Londoner was a little bit anxious with the wobbly bridges but as he progressed through the course you could actually see his confidence and self esteem growing. He got a huge sense of accomplishment as well as pride for every bit of the course that he was able to complete by himself.

Go Ape is also great for children to help develop hand to eye co-ordination, muscle strength and the ability to assess their own physical abilities. This young Londoner took his time in assessing the course and concentrated on each step, it was wonderful to see how quickly he improved within our one hour slot. It is also a bonding experience for a family to enjoy together and coming down the zip wires gave us all a little buzz.

Outdoor play and discovery provide children with a great way to get some fresh air, relax, and enjoy their time in nature. As a family we felt refreshed after our visit and for children who are used to looking up to the world, Go Ape is a great opportunity to observe the environment from a different angle and perspective.

There are a variety of different options available at GoApe at Alexandra Palace including the Treetop Adventure Plus, Treetop Challenge and the Sundown Experience.

The Treetop experience is the perfect starting point for a family with children over the age of one. It costs £21 and although it may seem pricey, it is worth it. More info and booking via their website here.

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