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Black British Students are applying for 38% more jobs than white students

In 2020, Debut Careers published a report that showed that BAME students were applying for 45% more jobs than their white counterparts. The latest research from Debut, based on internal data, looks to see if there has been any change, and whether ethnicity and gender comes into play.

Kim Connor Streich, Marketing Director at Debut, comments:“There are likely to be a number of current and historical factors in play here. The pandemic has seen people from different BAME communities hit the hardest, and with that will come worry and a desire to firm up future prospects. Couple this with a potential feeling that you need to be proactive and apply for more jobs to tackle bias and you can see why many may be applying for more jobs.“BAME groups, while often referred to as one entity are, in reality, a number of vibrant groups with their own societal pressures and driving forces. Many from these different groups may simply be using a proactive approach to tackle bias, both conscious and unconscious. They may also come from families with a lot of pressure from their parents to succeed, giving them a strong work ethic.“Alternatively, they may find that opportunities which fall into the laps of their white counterparts just aren’t coming their way, so they’re having to apply for far more jobs before they get the roles they desire.

Asian or British Asian students and other ethnic groups also applying at a much higher rate:

While black or black British students were well out in front, other people from minority backgrounds were still applying at much higher rates than white students. Data shows that Asian or British Asian students are applying for 26% more jobs than white students, while other ethnic groups are applying to 21% more

Black males are applying at 40% to more jobs than white males:

While figures have been fairly consistent from year to year, there’s been a closing of the gap of sorts when it comes to black or black British males vs white males. Last year, they were applying to a full 75% more jobs. In 2020 it’s come down to 40%, and while that’s a big drop compared to the year before, it’s still a significantly higher rate and not something to be ignored.You can view the research in full here

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