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Celebrate Women’s History Month alongside Museum of London

Photograph of suffragettes’ procession. Image depicts Miss Daisy Dugdale in Suffragette uniform leading a procession to welcome Mrs Pankhurst and Christabel Pankhurst on their release from Holloway.

Celebrate women’s histories past and present throughout March with online exhibitions, events, articles, videos and much more including:  

Votes for Women online exhibition – The popular temporary exhibition, Votes for Women, originally open from February 2018 to March 2019, is, now available online for the very first time. Discover this brand new online exhibition with a special short film introduction HERE.

Digital Herstories: women’s voices in our heritage – Join the Museum of London online for a live-streamed discussion exploring women’s presence and influence in heritage. From the women of the Sunday Movement who campaigned for museums to be accessible to the masses, right up to the present with the women championing Herstories in London’s heritage organisations today, we will uncover the vital role of heritage organisations in platforming some of the incredible stories of the women who have shaped our city. 6.30pm on 31 March. Paid Advance Booking.  

More to be published and shared on the Museum of London’s Women’s History Month hub page soon! Follow @museumoflondon to stay up to date with all of their news and programme updates!

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