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Dennis and Gnasher’s Big Bonanza at Kew

To celebrate 70 years of Dennis, Beano will come to Kew Gardens and Wakehurst this Easter from 31st of March until 18th of April for a ‘Big Bonanza’ full of jokes, mischief and pranks. Visitors can join in the fun with a brand-new, giant, 3D comic strip created especially for the milestone occasion. Fun for kids and grown-ups alike, this birthday bash will feature a host of characters from the popular Beano comic and much-loved TV series, Dennis & Gnasher: Unleashed!

Join Dennis to save the day at Kew

On a trip to Kew, Dennis and Minnie the Minx discover that a treacherous crime has been committed by Dr Gloom, threatening the future of one of their best-loved foods (and slippery tricks), the banana. Visitors will earn their stripes by joining Dennis and his Beanotown friends on their mission to protect the banana from Dr Gloom and the risk of extinction, and rescue their favourite fruit-powered superhero, Bananaman, who has been shrunk by the evil villain! Visitors will follow the story on an interactive trail, with stops along the way to discover the slimy, sticky, smelly and deceptive powers of plants that will help them save the day.
With help from new characters based on members of RBG Kew staff – Lee (The Fun Guy who loves Fungi) and Katie (the tree-swinging Horti-hero) – visitors will join Dennis and friends in learning about some of nature’s cleverest tricks in the plant kingdom – including the huge and stinky titan arum, the flame-repelling Giant Redwood, and an orchid that looks like a bee!

Visitors will find out whether the ‘banana bunch’ succeed in their mission and finally get to enjoy a slice of Dennis’ favourite banana cake for his big birthday picnic…

Tricks and jokes galore

In true Beano style, visitors can get up to mischief with interactive activities along the trail. Noise-making whoopie cushion steppingstones, bendy mirrors transforming onlookers into villain-catching superheroes, and foot-pump water pistols (at Kew Gardens only), are sure to entertain pranksters of all ages. Visitors can also take a quiz to discover which Beano character matches their own personality. Wakehurst, Kew’s wild botanic garden in Sussex, will also be hosting Dennis, Gnasher and friends this Easter, where young visitors will be invited to take on the Beano Banana Mission. The mission, should they choose to accept it, is to track down hidden bananas buried among Wakehurst’s wild habitats, to discover the
letters that accompany each piece of fruit. A top-secret prize awaits those who can solve the anagram to crack the password.

“We are delighted to celebrate 70 years of Dennis with Beano at Kew Gardens and Wakehurst this Easter. Dennis and Gnasher’s Big Bonanza will bring plenty of fun and games to the gardens, sure to be enjoyed by children and adults alike. Telling critical science stories through such iconic characters is a super way to engage young visitors with RBG Kew’s vital work, while copious tricks and pranks will ensure everybody is kept entertained on what promises to be a brilliant day out over the holidays.”

Sandra Botterell, Director of Marketing and Commercial Enterprise at Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, said.

The safety and wellbeing of visitors is of the utmost importance to Kew who are continually monitoring and responding to the Covid-19 pandemic as it evolves. Kew are adhering to government advice in their planning to ensure visitors and staff remain safe while enjoying Dennis and Gnasher’s Big Bonanza at Kew Gardens and Wakehurst. Up-to-date information on ticket booking and safety requirements can be found on the website at

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