The Revel Puck Circus comes to East London with a new show

Revel Puck Circus redefines the face of British Circus with a grown up, more sophisticated and diverse version of the traditional circus genre. It’s like the team have removed all the tacky bits of the circus (don’t expect those moving light sabers at a £5er a pop).

As soon as you arrive at the site you are greeted by the performers in brightly coloured shirts (most likely sustainable vintage charity shop finds) and catch glimpses of them preparing for the show as you queue to get an alcoholic beverage (we liked the selection of beers and wines too). The popcorn was a little stale though but we are cup full sort of people so it hardly mattered as we took our seats and awaited the start of the show.

The Wing Scuffle Spectacular is the latest show from the troupe and it explores what circus ordinarily tries to hide; fear! After a year riddled with anxiety the show explores how we can grow from fear and laugh together in the face of adversity and danger. As an audience member it is refreshing to see the performers flirt with their own anxieties as they walk alongside danger and giggle with them when things go slightly wrong (and occasionally they do). It is raw and genuine theatrical circus at its very best. The music is well curated and loud (children are given ear defenders), the lights are not too bright and the usual razzle dazzle of the circus is dimmed down but without watering down the talent of the performers, most of which are award winning artists.

We loved to see on stage, Thornhill who toured her solo Cyr Wheel act with Cirque Dreams in USA in 2019, multi-award-winning unicyclist and clown Sam Goodburn, aerial straps artist Imani Vital, cloud swing artist Annie Zita; the first teeterboard trio to come out of the National Centre for Circus Arts Seb Parker, Shane Hampden and Emily Lannigan; tightrope walker Poppy Plowman who is also currently working with Race Horse Company (petit mal, Super Sunday), and juggler Luke Hallgarten who has been working with renowned UK circus companies NoFit State Circus and Gandini Juggling, alongside creating and directing for the Revel Puck Circus.

We’re back! After a year of cancelled tours and consistent isolation we cannot wait to offer east London a chance to come together for an evening of joy, laughter and wonder. Our DIY punk ethos has allowed the Revel Pucks to continue to push forward and create consistently ground-breaking circus. With a new, Covid-secure venue and a cast made up of homegrown east London talent, this new show represents everything we love about what we do and who we are.

Luke Hallgarten, Artistic Director of The Revel Puck Circus, says

Revel Puck Circus is on at Leyton Jubilee Park until 8th of August and tickets are £15. More info and bookings here. It’s a good performanceGo and see them!

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