5 steps to follow if you don’t get the grades you need on August 10th 2021

Today is the day many students have been awaiting for – A-level results day. Below we have compiled some expert advice from the team at Debut, graduate careers app.

Appeal your grades

If you believe your calculated grades are not correct, you have every right to appeal them. This can be made to the exam board through your school, however if you were assessed independently you must contact the centre that submitted your results. If you wish for any grade changes to be counted towards University, you must appeal by August 16th.

Consider resitting your exams

All students will have the opportunity to resit their exams in the Autumn, so although this may not help you with entering University this academic year, if you wish to take a gap year or are not going into further education you will have every chance to improve your grades.

Enter University clearing

If you do not get the grades you need to enter your desired course, you can enter clearing through UCAS. This will allow you to find Universities or other courses that have space and will accept your grades. As you have already submitted an application the process will be a lot quicker and you should receive a confirmation email once your choices are confirmed. Clearing can take from 24 hours to approximately a week, so it’s important to find ways to stay calm and relieve some anxiety.

Remain calm and consider your options

As any student or recent graduate can attest to, this can never be encouraged enough. Keeping calm and minimising the amount you freak out over things is the best way to stay mentally healthy. We understand your A-levels are important and not getting into your desired University can be devastating but remember there is always another option, which could end up working out better.

List your options

Once you have had time to think, appeal your results or enter clearing, you can list the different options you have based on the outcome of appealing or clearing and start to make an action plan of what your next steps look like. This can really help you settle down and relieve a lot of anxiety. 

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