The Young Londoner reviews Neat Burger

Neat Burgers is a welcoming, fun and charismatic fast food restaurant. Plant-based food is all the rage these days, as it has become trendy to replace animal products with their vegan counterparts. Whilst the restaurant itself is decorated like a rainforest, with long green gaping leaves plastered upon the walls and a pink interior, it is perfect for the selfies you will undoubtedly take when you embark upon your visit.

Vegan burgers, vegan cocktails and vegan staff all set within the ideal aesthetic for influencers Instagram (did your visit even happen if it didn’t make it on the gram?).

Whilst the vegan chicken burger was the standout of the show, with to die for vegan mayo, the cheeseburgers were incredibly moreish and were explosive with flavour. If you like mustard (and lots and lots of melted vegan cheese) then this is the burger for you as they really truly do ooze out of the side. Nothing is sacrificed from your traditional burger experience as the creators have remained conscientious of capturing the essence of one of humanities favourite past times. Mouth watering yet? Get down and try it for yourself. I dare you.

The staff were also more than happy to be there; grinning from ear to ear, remaining attentive and working hard to accommodate the needs of their customers. Singing, dancing and vibing their way through the day, they represented their brand no doubt. There is no doubt that Neat burger bought the fun and cool to the vegan world and whether you’re entry-level plant-based or an experienced vegan pro, there is something for everyone with their staple, inoffensive and absolutely delicious menu of burgers, sides and milkshakes!

Neat Burger can be found in four locations throughout Central London. More info and booking via their website here.

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