Children reveal why they love spending time with grandparents

Nearly half of all British children say they love spending time with their grandparents because they make them laugh

It is no secret that grandparents and their grandchildren have a special bond and it turns out there’s a very good reason why they enjoy spending so much time together. A survey of 1,000 children aged 5-7 from dolls’ pram expert Play Like Mum, has revealed that the reason 47% of little ones love spending time with their grandparents is because they make them smile.

Another reason children say they love to spend so much time with their grandparents – to the point they prefer them over other family members – is because they have fun together, with 40% saying they enjoy spending time with granparents because they play games with them.

35% of children say that grandparents give them more treats than when they are looked after by parents and that’s why they they like spending so much time with them.

38% of children sweetly say they love spending time with their grandparents, highlighting the importance of time together, whilst 25% of kids actually went on to confess that they prefer spending time with their grandparents over any other family member. Heart warmingly, those warm and fuzzy feelings of love and adoration are reciprocated as 37% of grandparents say they are happy to spend as much money or time on their grandchildren when they look after them.

31% of Grandparents then go onto say that caring for their grandchildren is the highlight of their week. Grandchildren’s preference of having fun and getting active with grandparents is also mutual, as 75% of grandparents cited playtime as their favourite thing to do when looking after little ones.

“It’s great to see that little ones are so keen to spend time with their grandparents. Grandparents have so much to offer, telling stories of when they were younger and finding their inner child again when playing with grandchildren. They also have a key role to play in helping their grandchildren to enhance their imagination whilst developing their nurturing skills through play.

Andrew Coplestone, founder of the specialist dolls pram maker Play Like Mum, comments

“This reinforces so many theories about the true requirements of a child in terms of both their physical and emotional development. Children benefit hugely from high quality interaction, eye contact, positive attention and free flowing play without the presence of mobile devices, screens, TVs and computer consoles.

Laura Amies, Child Behavioural Expert, comments:

Top 8 reason’s kid’s love spending time with grandparents:

  1. They make me laugh and smile
  2. They play games with me
  3. They let me eat treats
  4. I get more treats than when I’m looked after by my parents
  5. They take me out to do activities
  6. They let me play with toys
  7. I don’t have to tidy up after myself
  8. They play more games with me than my parents