Dr Ellie Cannon’s top tips for a snore-free snooze

Brighton has been named the ‘snoring capital of the UK’ in a new survey carried out by Global Snore Censuzz that was comissioned by Dr Ellie Cannon, GP and Campaign Ambassador for nasal dilator Mute Snoring.

Researchers found that 72% of people in the city admit to snoring or living with a snorer. This is significantly higher than the regional average of 67% or the slightly lower national average of 53%.

Seems like Londoners are snoozing and not losing as they came in at 16th place out of the 20 UK cities with the snorers.

Throughout our lives, as many as 1 in 2 people will go through periods of snoring. This writer was described as a ‘fog horn’ when heavily pregnant. Something that came as a shock and was filled with embarassment.

“Sleep is hugely important for our physical and mental health. While snoring might seem like a light-hearted and funny thing, it can have a huge impact on the quality and length of people’s sleep.” Says Dr Ellie Cannon.

Indeed sleep is very precious, particularly for families in the early days of parenthood when those hours of shut eye are disturbed by a new arrival. Add to this new routine sleep disturbances due to snooring and it can really trouble daily life and relationships.

“If you are the one being kept awake by the snoring, it can be infuriating and leave you struggling the next day thanks to the time spent lying there trying to nod off. But it can also mean the person snoring is not getting the best quality sleep either – whether that’s from waking themselves up or from having their partner nudge them in the night.”

Dr Ellie is an ambassador and advocate for Mute Snoring – a multi use silicone device that helps open up the nasal airways to increase night time breathing, reduce snoring and improve the quality of sleep.

Dr Ellie’s top 5 tips for improving the quality of sleep include:

  1. Moving more can help you sleep better, but if you are a poor sleeper, exercise is best in the morning.
  2. Regulate your sleep – sticking to a set bedtime and morning alarm can help fix a sleep routine for your body and teach your body when to rest.
  3. Quiet, dark and cool is how your bedroom needs to be for the best night’s sleep. 
  4. Snorers should sleep on their side to keep their breathing passages open and to help free up your airways. You can use a pillow to keep you on your side. 
  5. Smoking and drinking make snoring worse, so cut down for a better night’s sleep. 
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