Elements of Freestyle: A family friendly show

Elements of Freestyle is a fantastic family show that is on at the Peacock Theatre in Central London until Saturday 23 April and is a great activity for the Easter holidays.

In this adrenaline-fuelled explosion of extreme urban sports, dance, music and theatre, the Netherlands’ ISH Dance Collective, create breath-taking poetry with every single moment. Whether you float on ballet shoes or on skates, with ISH, it’s all dance.

Elements of Freestyle is about those redeeming seconds that make a complicated trick ultimately succeed; the freestylers’ total focus on the moment, the ecstasy and the feeling of complete and total freedom.

In a spectacular fusion of breakdance, inline skating, skateboarding, freestyle basketball, BMX and freerunning, the audience discovers the artistry behind the trick. Simultaneously both exquisitely beautiful and heart-poundingly exciting, this show from director Marco Gerris (So You Think You Can Dance?) packs a punch. You simply will not believe your eyes.

The show features a cast of 10 including multi-award-winning b-boy and breakdancer Arnold Put; World Champion free runner Bart Van Der Linden also known as ‘The Flying Dutchman’; 10 times Dutch BMX Champion Dez Maarzen and breakdancer Dietrich Pott, or bboy Dietje as he is also known. They join skater Jelle Briggeman; freerunner Luís Alkmim; basketball freestyle juggler Michael Van Beek whose credits include Cirque de Soleil; skater Pim Wouters; breakdancer Thomas Krikken and Sven Boekhorst, skater and winner of the much acclaimed ‘Triple Crown’- winning the X-Games, Gravity Games and World Championships. They are joined on stage by cellist Annie Tangberg and violinist Vera van der Bie.

Tickets start from £18 more info and bookings here.

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