Elements of Freestyle Review

We knew we were in for a treat with ISH Dance Collective’s show Elements of Freestyle at the Peacock Theatre (Sadler’s Wells’ central London home). Yet, we still left inspired and delighted after this fabulous family friendly show.

This fantastic family show combines breakdances, inline skating, skateboarding, freestyle basketball, BMX and freerunning – all to crisp modern audio with a classic twist (there are live music performers on stage). Alongside the talented athletes and dancers you have the melodic genius of Annie Tangberg (Cello) and Vera van der Bie (violin) as they bring the whole show together and pepper it with emotive brilliance. Very touching. We particularly enjoyed seeing the breakdancers Dietrich Pott, Thomas Krikken and Arnold Put getting down with some moves to the classically remixed tunes.

The show’s creator and director Marco Gerris (So You Think You Can Dance) takes the breath of the audience away with this inspiring piece. This Young Londoner has been practicing tricks on his bike eversince he experienced the show.

Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming family friendly shows curated by Sadler’s Wells – every single one has been fabulous. To see what is on or coming soon – check out their website here.

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