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Back to the Future Musical

The Back to the Future Musical is a cinematic ode to the future of theatre that combines immersive video projections, graphics and screens with impecable stage design and timing. Finn Ross is the person behind the video design and manages to achieve seamless storytelling through the combination of traditional theatre and cinema. An interesting mishmash that works for this particular piece.

There is A LOT to love about this show. Young ones (mine is 5 at the time of writing) delight in the magic storytelling, the lively songs and the onstage illuminations (lighting design is by Tim Lutkin) and there are plenty of instances where the kid was astounded by the showmanship (the car disappearing, fire appearing on stage and the journey through time is SPECTACULAR!). Accompanying adults will get nostalgic over the outfits, the music and their youth.

As soon as you enter the Adelphi Theatre you feel as you have walked back through time. You’re greeted with cinematic references from the film, little insider jokes that film buffs will enjoy. I was particularly tickled by the Plutonium Bar where we ordered our interval drinks and the photo opportunity clocks but also loved the posters and the town centre throughout the downstairs area.

When it comes to the characters and plot, you can expect an almost mirror-matched interpretation of the film including accents, outfits and general appearance and deameanor. The plot maintains that 80s teenager Marty McFly has accidentally travelled back in time to 1955 in a DeLorean invented by his friend Dr Emmet Brown AKA ‘Doc’. In order to ensure his time travel adventure does not change the course of history – Marty has to make sure his parents meet and fall in love. There are a few minor differences between the film and the show – I spotted two – and one was the circumstances around the death of Dr Emmet Brown – can you guess the other?

The main stars of the show are Marty McFly, played by Olly Dobson and Dr Emmet Brown by Roger Bart and the epic DeLorean (the car) which is brought to life perfectly on stage. It is a brilliat show – one of the best we have seen this year. Epic. Cinematic. Full of life and nostalgia – with the odd joke thrown in. Go see it. You will love it. The music and the general soundscape of the show is pumping (very loud) plus given the duration – I wouldn’t recommend it for kids under 6 (unless they are seasoned theatre goers.)

Tickets start at £19.55 and can be booked via the website here.

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