Greenwich Theatre Kids Festival is back for 2023

The Kid’s festival at Greenwich Theatre has been a beloved standout of the venue’s yearly schedule since its inception in 2007, which included only six shows. Over the years, it has increased in both scope and popularity, with the current edition, running from April 1st to 16th, showcasing three times the number of performances and a variety of workshops to keep your children entertained during the Easter break!

The festival commences on the 1st with a debut production by Mark Thompson Productions at Greenwich Theatre. Titled “The Ministry of Science,” it celebrates the resourcefulness of scientists who have shaped our world. If you’re a fan of science with a touch of excitement, this show is definitely for you. On the following day, Thompson Productions returns with a Fireman Sam adventure, featuring an escaped circus tiger. Can our beloved firefighter save the day?

On the 2nd, Indefinite Articles presents a heartwarming rendition of the classic fairy tale, “Pinocchio.” Dragonboy Productions takes over on the 3rd with “Tales from the One Thousand and One Nights,” showcasing some of the most iconic literary characters in history, including the beautiful Scheherazade and the legendary Sindbad the Sailor.

On the 4th, “Breathe” by Half A String showcases a captivating story from the perspective of an acorn, using puppetry as its medium. The following day, Garlic Theatre brings us “The Nosy Little Troll,” another show featuring charming puppets.

Animals – which Dens And Signals present on the 6th – celebrates wildlife with original songs. A day later, KD Theatre Productions/Harlow Playhouse stage the iconic kids’ story Goldilocks And The Three Bears. The 8th sees One Tenth Human look at recycling and environmentalism in Curious Investigators before the Easter weekend (9th and 10th) is given over to Scott Ritchie Productions’ The Little Mermaid.

The King Of Nothing on the 12th is a puppet musical based on The Emperor’s New Clothes by
Monstro Theatre. The following two days turn the spotlight on Roustabout Theatre’s rock’n’roll eco- fable Dinosaurs And All That Rubbish. For another immersive and offbeat way of looking at science, check out The Bubble Show by The Highland Joker on the 15th . And the festival ends on the 16th with Sarah Middleton and Hannah Stone’s acclaimed SheWolves, a manifesto for a new world order based on hope and friendship dreamed up by two 14-year-old girls.

Listing Info
1 st -16 th April 2023
Location: Greenwich Theatre, Crooms Hill, Greenwich, London, SE10 8ES
Ticket Prices: £10-£15.50 (or half price for Greenwich Theatre Friends) More info and bookings here.