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Wildlife Presenter and Adventurer Steve Backshall is the face of the BBC Earth Experience education programme for schools 

The BBC Earth Experience has opened its doors in London, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the wonders of ‘Seven Worlds, One Planet’ on a grand scale. Spanning 1608m2, the bespoke narration by Sir David Attenborough transports audiences of all ages to far-flung places where they can lose themselves in boundless wonder. Renowned natural history presenter and adventurer Steve Backshall officially opened the experience and has been unveiled as the face of the BBC Earth Experience education programme for schools launching in May.

The children’s zone is a self-guided experience designed to inspire and develop children’s understanding, empathy and desire to protect the planet through curriculum-based activity booklets. These resources are available to all and are curriculum linked, including teacher guides that can be completed onsite or back in the classroom.

The BBC Earth Experience aims to inspire visitors to take responsibility for their environment and conservation organizations. Presenter Steve Backshall says, “We need to be inspired by the natural world to want to protect it and want to save it.” The experience encourages visitors to take ownership of their local environment and wildlife to make a difference.

The experience does not require prior knowledge of the award-winning Seven Worlds One Planet TV series. Visitors will be given a running commentary by Sir David Attenborough as they enjoy the immersive experience.

The BBC Earth Experience is open daily from 10 am to 7 pm, and tickets can be purchased online from £22 for children and £28.50 for adults. It is an opportunity to inspire the next generation to care for the planet and become animal conservationists. Steve Backshall said, “Hopefully, we will have converts – children who are going to be the next generation of animal conservationists. To have that opportunity is amazing.”

More info and bookings here.

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