Gorillas, Lemurs, and Squirrel Monkeys Celebrate Pride Month at London Zoo

London Zoo has embraced the spirit of Pride by creating refreshing rainbow-themed fruit tea ice lollies for its animals to beat the heat during the scorching summer weather. As the zoo gears up for its Zoo Nights Pride celebrations, these colorful treats have delighted the residents and added a touch of vibrancy to the conservation efforts. From gorillas savoring layered ice lollies to ring-tailed lemurs and squirrel monkeys enjoying their frozen surprises, London Zoo is showcasing its commitment to both animal welfare and celebrating diversity.

A Taste of the Rainbow for Gorillas

The zookeepers treated the Critically Endangered Western lowland gorillas, including the impressive silverback Kiburi, to a giant layered ice lolly flavored with different fruit teas. Kiburi wasted no time in relishing the cabbage green layer, while the rest of the troop basked in the warm summer sun. These icy delights not only provided a refreshing treat but also added a splash of color to the gorillas’ day.

Frozen Delights for Lemurs and Squirrel Monkeys

London Zoo’s Endangered ring-tailed lemurs delightedly licked and picked at their heart-shaped frozen treats. Meanwhile, the agile squirrel monkeys swung from tree to tree, retrieving their multi-colored lollies filled with peas, sweetcorn, and beetroot. These inventive ice lollies kept the primates engaged, cool, and satisfied during the hot weather.

Zoo Nights Pride Celebrations

London Zoo’s Events Manager, Anthony Spencer, expressed his excitement for the upcoming Pride event at Zoo Nights. Cheryl Hole, a prominent figure in the LGBTQIA+ community, will be hosting the event, which aims to honor influential LGBTQIA+ individuals within the fields of science and conservation. Attendees will also learn intriguing facts about LGBTQIA+ behaviors in the natural world, making it a truly educational and celebratory experience.

London Zoo has embraced Pride month by treating its animal residents to rainbow-themed ice lollies, providing them with a refreshing and engaging way to beat the heat. These colorful treats not only offer a delicious respite but also highlight the zoo’s commitment to celebrating diversity and promoting LGBTQIA+ inclusion. As the countdown to Zoo Nights Pride celebrations begins, London Zoo continues to be a hub of conservation, education, and inclusivity, ensuring a memorable experience for all visitors.

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