A Japanese Delight: The Omakase Experience at TOKii, The Prince Akatoki London

Do you want to embark on a gastronomic journey that indulges the senses and elevates your appreciation for Japanese cuisine? We’ve got you covered. The renowned luxury Marylebone hotel, The Prince Akatoki London, has unveiled two extraordinary gastronomic experiences at its Japanese-inspired dining restaurant TOKii.

Set amidst the bustling heart of London, with Oxford Street and Bond Street just around the corner, these immersive culinary experience are an exquisite blend of Japanese ingredients, culinary artistry, and authentic dining traditions. As we enter we are greeted with the minimalistic decor we have become familiar with in Japanese design and an inviting scent permeates the air, accompanied by a serene glow that envelops every corner. This haven, characterized by Japanese elegance, is quite the departure from the London townhouse exterior and bustling streets outside. An oasis of calm in the heart of Oxford Street.

The restaurant TOKii, is at the heart of the hotel and it exudes intimacy through shoji screens and dark woods, it is the ideal place for a date night. Turning left, the journey continues to the Malt Bar and Lounge. A club-like aura emanates, blending wood-paneled walls with a sleek bar.

The Omakase Experience: A Journey of Surprise and Delight

Launched on July 4th, the Omakase Experience redefines dining by inviting guests to surrender their culinary voyage to the skilled hands of the chefs. No menus. No ingredient list. Just you and the chefs.

In the world of dining, “Omakase” speaks volumes. Translated as “I’ll leave it up to you,” this Japanese phrase puts your trust in the chef’s hands, granting them the artistic liberty to craft a memorable gastronomic experience. Japan holds Omakase in high regard, akin to a sacred ritual, yet it can be a daunting endeavor, even for locals. The chef’s selections are paramount, and failing to appreciate their choices is akin to culinary blasphemy.

On arrival you are greeted with a cocktail – ours was a mix of Whiskey and peach and a delightfully refreshing way to start the meal. You take your seat at the intimate six-seat sushi counter, and become part of an 11-dish blind tasting experience that encapsulates the essence of Japanese cuisine. On our visit we started off with a Clear Clam Soup, simple, fresh and a great way to whet the apetitite for the dishes ahead. Next up Tuna Tartare (Negitoro) adorned with pickled cucumber, miso, avocado, and lotus root ‘chips’. Its exquisite blend of textures and flavors unfolds like a culinary ode to simplicity and flavour. Delightful. Next up followed a Ponzu Salmon kissed by the flames of the blow torch making the flavours combine beautifully with the rice. Then Yellowtail Sashimi, gently flavoured by chilly and charred garlic. A rich Tuna Hand Roll follows crafted into a hand roll. Its delicate, buttery texture and distinct flavor are deligtful. Most likely the star of the show.

But then there’s more. The delectable Wagyu Beef – slightly charred, presented under a glass dome and accompanied by a flavourful steam that beckons you in to savour it. The charred exterior alongside the tender, soft, buttery texcture of the meat is DIVINE and a tribute to the impeccable sourcing of ingredients that define Japanese culinary heritage. My favourites were the Wagyu Beef and Tuna Hand roll, both so rich and flavoursome. The beef was melt-in-the mouth delicious.

And finally, dessert – a yuzu and raspberry brulee, its rich creaminess countered by yuzu’s bright zest. Perfectly charred on the top and the combination of crunchy burnt sugar alongside the creamy interior are a perfect marriage of flavours. A sweet way to end the experience.

Every Omakase experience is a unique journey, evolving with the chef’s choices, so mindful that your version may differ to mine. Either way, I am sure it will be brilliantly curated by chef Kazuyo and her team.

This unforgettable experience is priced at £100 per person, with service charge additional. Available Tuesdays to Thursdays, 5pm to 6pm, the 11 dishes include dessert and a complimentary arrival drink. More info and bookings here. Tokii have a variety of other experience on offer including a Supper Club series.

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