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8 reasons to visit Parc Asterix in France

Parc Asterix is officially my favourite theme park and we have five reasons why on your next visit to Paris you should swap Disneyland for this beaut instead.

Parc Asterix is a quintessentially French experience, it feels authentic and we loved it. It is easily accessible from the Charles de Gaulle airport (there is a shuttle Read on for our reasons why you should check it out too.

1. Educational Experience

First up – who are Asterix and Obelix? These two beloved comic book characters were created by the French duo RenĂ© Goscinny (writer) and Albert Uderzo (illustrator). They made their debut in the comic strip “Asterix the Gaul” in 1959 and have since captured the hearts of readers worldwide. Set in ancient Gaul during the time of Roman rule, the stories follow the adventures of Asterix, a diminutive and clever warrior with superhuman strength, and his larger-than-life, somewhat dim-witted best friend Obelix, who gained his strength from falling into a cauldron of magic potion as a child.

Together, Asterix and Obelix embark on exciting quests to resist Roman occupation, defend their Gaulish village from invaders, and ensure the survival of their fellow villagers. These endearing characters have become cultural icons, celebrated for their wit, humor, and timeless appeal, you can read about them, watch the TV shows or the movies (the latest is on Netflix as we speak). Parc Asterix was created as a tribute to their enduring legacy, offering visitors a chance to step into the world of these Gaulish heroes and experience their adventures firsthand – it is an EPIC way to introduce kids to some of the earliest history of France.

2. Thrilling rides for all ages

Parc Asterix is a treasure trove of exhilarating rides and attractions suitable for both the young and the young at heart. From gentle rides for the little ones to high-speed roller coasters for the daring, there’s something for every age group. We loved the Oxygenarium, the Grande Splash, Pegase Express and L’Hydre de Lerne ride, all true family favourites that will have you giggling with joy.

3. Manageable queues

One of my major dislikes of visiting theme parks is the queues. I am inpatient at the best of times, let alone if we are queueing for hours and THANKFULLY, Parc Asterix (even when we visited on a hot Saturday during the summer holidays when the park was packed) does not have you waiting for too long. Our lengthiest queue was 30minutes with us being able to gain access on to the rides almost straight away or within 10 to 15 minutes max. They also have a Baby Switch Service allowing parents to take turns on thrilling rides without queuing twice, ensuring everyone takes part in the fun. There is also a Fillomatix services where for a small fee you can skip the queue – this may be worth it for those really impatient visitors.

4. Family Friendly Food

In quintesentially French fashion the food at Parc Asterix is ON POINT. I forget the name of the place we dined in but their selection of cheeses, charcutterie, bakery products, salads and deserts was incredible. Even the fussiest eaters will be delighted with the kid-friendly dining options at Parc Asterix. You can find reasonably priced kids’ meals that include delicious choices like wings, fries, drinks, and yogurt. It’s a convenient and budget-conscious way to keep little tummies satisfied during your visit. A big plus for us.

5. Educational and Entertaining Shows

Beyond the rides, Parc Asterix offers a range of entertaining shows that blend fun and education. From mesmerizing dolphin and sea lion presentations to the jaw-dropping stunt shows and in-promptu gatherings with actors dressed as Gaules or Romans – these performances provide an exciting break from the rides while keeping the whole family engaged. We thoroughly enjoyed them (and the older members of our group were grateful for a little sit down pause from the action 🙂

6. Fun Water Rides and Splash Zones

On the day of our visit it was in excess of 30 degrees so hot hot hot and the park’s water rides and splash zones provide the perfect way to cool off. Kids can enjoy thrilling water adventures like Grand Splash and OxygĂ©narium. We were SOAKED after Grand Splash.

7. Engaging Interactive Play Areas

Parc Asterix boasts several interactive play areas where kids can burn off some energy. Whether it’s climbing, sliding, or exploring themed play zones like Viking Land, these attractions offer a welcome break between rides. We loved the splash zone and the warthog themed playground.

8. Souvenir Shops and Asterix Merchandise

Another personal bug bear in large theme parks (looking at you Disney) is the amount of over priced merch. Parc Asterix features manages to have numerous souvenir shops without them being overpowering and there is a wide array of Asterix-themed merchandise, from toys and clothing to books and collectibles without becoming over powering and detracting from the experience. It’s the perfect opportunity for young fans to take home a piece of the magic and unlike other places the cost is reasonable.

In short – we loved Parc Asterix as it offers a complete package of immersive experiences, water fun, interactive play, diverse entertainment and great food. We want to come back and stay the night in their hotels. Watch this space for our review of that offering.

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