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Skydiver – A Dance Experience for Little Londoners

Xenia Aidonopoulou’s family show, Skydiver, set to tour London this October as part of Dance Umbrella 2023—an annual dance festival.

Skydiver promises to be an enchanting journey designed for children aged 3-5 years,where young Londoners can discover the magic of movement and imagination. Picture soaring through fluffy clouds, surrounded by flocks of birds and butterflies. This multi-sensory dance experience is an invitation to explore the dream-like world above us, brought to life through movement, sound, and breathtaking visuals.

Xenia Aidonopoulou, a Greek dance artist, dramaturg, and director, is the brilliant mind behind Skydiver. Her dance-theatre works are visually compelling, designed to captivate even the youngest members of the audience. Prepare to be amazed as she weaves a tapestry of wonder and creativity on stage.

London: Dates and Venues

Throughout October, Skydiver will grace various venues in London as part of the Orbital Touring Network’s 10th-year celebration. Save these dates to make sure you catch this mesmerizing performance:

Unicorn Theatre in partnership with Team London Bridge (21 October)
Stanley Arts (22 October)
The Place (24 October)
Studio 3 Arts (25 October)
Watermans Arts Centre (29 October)

Skydiver is a highlight of the Dance Umbrella 2023 festival. If want to discover more about this vibrant event and other exciting performances lined up, head over to