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Tina Turner Musical inspires the next generation through educational workshops and performance

In an exceptional initiative to ignite young minds, TINA – The Tina Turner Musical is hosting an educational workshop and performance on 19th October, aligning with SOLT’s Theatre for Every Child Campaign set to launch on 16th October. Building on the success of a similar event held last year, this educational experience aims to introduce London children to the myriad behind-the-scenes roles involved in bringing the musical to life. The objective is to inspire young hearts, encouraging them to envision a future within the vibrant theatre industry.

Starting at 1 pm, the workshop delves into the fascinating world of theatre production. It’s an opportunity for the young participants to grasp the diverse responsibilities and talents that come together to create a captivating performance like TINA. The event culminates in the children attending a matinee performance, offering them a firsthand glimpse into the magic of live theatre.

The response to this initiative has been incredible, with the event being sold out and a substantial waiting list. Schools from London boroughs, where access to the arts may be limited, are at the forefront of this opportunity. At an affordable rate of £10 per ticket, each child not only gains entry to the workshop and performance but also receives a digital programme and a delightful ice cream to complete the experience.

This effort by TINA – The Tina Turner Musical aligns with SOLT’s Theatre for Every Child Campaign, emphasizing the belief that every child should have the chance to embrace the world-class theatre sector. SOLT is advocating for political parties to commit to funding and support their aim, ensuring that every child has the opportunity to attend the theatre during their school years.

This unique endeavor sets a significant precedent, showcasing how theatre productions like TINA – The Tina Turner Musical can engage and inspire young minds, especially those who may not otherwise have the chance to experience the magic of live theatre. Producers Tali Pelman and Director Phyllida Lloyd are available for interviews, shedding light on this extraordinary initiative that paves the way for a brighter future within the world of theatre.