Children’s Savings Rates Soar: A 160% Increase in Junior Instant Access Accounts

With October half-term here, parents and guardians are being urged to seize the opportunity to review their child's savings pot.

According to financial experts at savings accounts, now is the ideal moment to assess your child’s financial future, whether you’re building upon an existing savings fund or just embarking on your savings journey.

What makes this advice particularly timely is the remarkable surge in interest rates on children’s savings accounts. Over the past year, these rates have seen significant growth, providing an enticing prospect for parents who wish to secure their child’s financial future.

In the realm of instant access accounts for children, the transformation is striking. At the start of last year, the average interest rate stood at a modest 0.59%. However, as of October 2022, this rate had already soared to 1.32%. Fast forward to the present day, and the average interest rate for a junior instant access account has reached an impressive 3.44%, marking an astounding 160.61% increase over the course of a year.

Junior cash ISAs have also enjoyed substantial growth, with their average interest rate climbing from 2.35% in October 2022 to a current rate of 3.98%, representing a substantial 69.36% rise in just one year.

For junior fixed-rate accounts, the increase has been more modest, with the average interest rate moving from 3.34% to 4.21% in the same time frame.

Lucinda O’Brien, an expert at savings accounts, emphasized the importance of making the most of these favorable rates, especially if your money is currently earning minimal interest. While some experts speculate that rates may have reached their peak due to the Bank of England’s decision to maintain the base rate at 5.25%, it’s crucial to remember that interest rates are subject to change. Therefore, comparing savings accounts remains essential to secure the best option for your family.

Among the noteworthy options in the market, HSBC MySavings offers an instant access children’s account with an attractive 5% interest rate on balances up to £3,000. This account is an excellent tool for teaching children how to manage their finances and is accessible to anyone aged seven to 17.

For those wishing to instill a habit of regular saving, Coventry Building Society offers a young regular saver account with an appealing interest rate of 5.25%. This account accommodates monthly deposits ranging from £1 to £100 and provides flexible withdrawal options.

Alternatively, if you’re considering setting money aside for your child to access upon turning 18, the junior ISA is a compelling choice. Coventry Building Society presently leads the pack with a top-notch interest rate of 4.95%, and withdrawals are restricted until your child’s 18th birthday.

For long-term saving, fixed-rate bonds offer a dependable option. Saffron Building Society, for instance, offers a two-year fixed-rate children’s bond with an impressive 5.50% interest rate. Interest is paid annually, and the minimum balance requirement is £500.

All the children’s savings accounts mentioned above surpass the average for their respective account types. This means that competitive deals are still very much within reach for parents and guardians looking to enhance their child’s financial prospects, just in time for the October half-term. For additional information and guidance on saving, along with insights into the best savings rates available today, visit Don’t miss the opportunity to secure your child’s financial future during this time of elevated savings rates.